7 Fun Challenges to Do Outside with Friends

Are you searching for fun things to do with your friends outside? Here are fun challenges to do outside with friends.

Indoor activities are fun and easy to do, but there are times when you need to step outside and have a good time with friends and other loved ones. For this reason, I have identified fun outdoor challenges you can do with loved ones.

When next you need a little bit of fresh air, gather your loved ones and head outside to take these fun outdoor challenges. Also, there are times when you want kids to have fun without staining your beautiful sofa. Here is the perfect excuse to have the kids outside and I promise you, they will have the time of their lives.

A fair warning to you, these challenges are called outdoor challenges for a reason – they are ridiculously messy. So, it is best you take these fun challenges outdoors.

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7 Fun Challenges to Do Outside with Loved Ones

challenges to do outside with friends

The following contains a list of fun outdoor challenges to do with loved ones. I have included videos of each Challenge to give you an accurate idea of how each challenge is done.

7. Eat It or Wear It Challenge

You are definitely not going to want to try this challenge indoors as it is going to get ridiculously messy, very fast. Now, have someone collect a large selection of food items – the grosser they are, the more fun the challenge. These ‘ingredients’ need to be placed in paper bags and have a number on the outside. These numbers will be written down on pieces of paper and shuffled around. Each contestant will pick a number and choose the corresponding bag. Once you have seen what is inside, you either have to take a spoonful of it or wear it on your body. There is a reason why these contestants headed outdoors for this:

  • Various foods
  • Paper bags

6. Hug a Stranger Challenge

You’ve probably heard about stranger danger but what about the Hug a Stranger Challenge? Here, you have to head out to a very public area. Then you have to randomly select people and try to get them to hug you. There are various twists that you can put on this challenge including holding up signs that say ‘Free Hugs’ – it is up to you. If you are trying this challenge with a friend, the person who is able to get the most number of strangers to hug them wins. Remember always to do this in a crowded area and to have a friend or two looking out for you! This poor man found this task quite hard:

What You Need:

  • Strangers

5. Slime Bath Challenge

You may have noticed that one of the more popular toys for kids these days is slime. Well, it is one thing for you to hold it in your hands, quite another to bathe yourself in it. For this challenge, you are going to need a kiddy pool, some slime powder, and water. You will need to mix the slime powder and water in the inflatable pool. Then, it is time to take a dive into this concoction. The more slime that you can cover yourself in, the better. Unless you want to get slime all over your home, it is best that you do this in the garden or any outdoor area. This guy actually had a lot of fun with this challenge:

What You Need:

4. Keepy Uppy Challenge

You don’t actually need any soccer skills to partake in this challenge. Rather, you need to be able to be able to balance a ball on various parts of your body. With the Keepy Uppy Challenge, you have to bounce the soccer ball and make sure that it doesn’t fall to the ground. Now, you can bounce the ball off other body parts, not just your legs – you can’t touch it with your hands, however. You have to make sure that the ball never makes contact with the ground. You can put your own spin on this challenge if you want your friends to join you as well. These guys did it in this video to make it more competitive and more fun as well:

What You Need:

3. Innuendo Bingo Challenge

You should definitely go outside before giving this challenge a go. This is because Innuendo Bingo involves a lot of water and a big mess. Essentially, two people have to sit opposite each other. They each get a bottle of water. Another person will have to play videos of other individuals making funny innuendos. While this is going on, the participants will have a mouth full of water which they are not allowed to swallow. The goal here is not to laugh and spew water all over the other person. The person who laughs the least (and lets out all of the water), wins this challenge. Of course, getting water spit all over you is no walk in the park either. These players found out just how messy this challenge could get:

What You Need:

  • Drinking water
  • Funny videos

2. Crossbar Challenge

So, this does require a considerable amount of skill than the previous soccer challenge. However, even with years of experience, you still might find yourself working hard to complete this challenge. The objective here is to touch the crossbar of the soccer goal with the ball that you will be kicking. The ball flying over the crossbar without any contact does not count. Some people like to balance bottles or other items on the crossbar and aim the ball at these objects. You can try this challenge whichever way that you choose. These guys found out, to their chagrin, that this was a lot more difficult than they could have anticipated:

What You Need:

1. Drop Egg Challenge

Do you fancy yourself an inventor? If so, this challenge is the perfect one for you. To give this challenge a try, you are going to need an egg each, various craft supplies, and a high place. So the goal here is to drop your egg from a height and make sure that it doesn’t smash on impact. How are you going to manage that? Well, you are going to use those supplies that you have to create a little cocoon or another outer layer for your egg. Whoever manages to drop their egg and not have it crack, wins the challenge. Look at all of the techniques that these guys tried out:

What You Need:

  • Eggs
  • Craft supplies
  • A high spot

Not that you needed an excuse to but you can now head outside and try out these fun outdoor challenges. The fresh air will do you some good too! Share this article with others who may be looking to stretch their legs a bit.