20 Fun YouTube Challenges To Do With Your Friends

YouTube challenges are awesome!

Countless times you find yourself on YouTube, and after watching the seventh video, you discover that you’ve forgotten what you came for. This is because YouTube has the biggest collection of awesome and hilarious moments on the Internet.

One of the most addictive things to watch on YouTube is fun challenges. Most times people get bored, and they struggle to find things to do with friends. One major way people kill boredom is to do a fun challenge with friends and post it on YouTube.

The most awesome part of fun challenges is that rather than just watching the videos, you and your friends can join in the fun and go viral.

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Youtube Challenges To Do With Friends

Here are some of the best YouTube challenges you can do with friends.

20. Yoga Challenge

You know all those really cool Yoga poses you see on Instagram? Well, this is a chance for you to try them out with a friend and see how hard or easy they are, careful, though, better leave the advanced moves to the pros so that you don’t hurt yourself.

19. Not My Hands challenge

All you need is another friend to stand behind you and move their arms around like they are yours, as you casually go about speaking or answering questions and maybe even applying make-up, as you can already tell this challenge comes relatively risk-free.

18. Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

In this challenge, you have to eat hot and spicy noodles, it comes with all the risks associated with eating hot food, but try it with a friend and it could be a lot of fun.

17. Whisper Challenge

This is a fun and simple challenge you can try at home with a friend (could be more than one). Put on some loud music, and with all the noise, you have to read your friend’s lips to pick up what he/she is saying. This challenge is relatively risk-free, but make sure the music isn’t so loud that your neighbors would have to call the cops on you.

16. 100 Layer Challenge

For this, you will need a whole lot of free time and a lot of makeup, clothes, tin foil anything you want really, as it involves you sitting for ages putting layers and layers of anything you want on your body.

15. Accent Challenge

You will most likely end up looking pretty ridiculous, but this challenge is a lot of fun. You will try to mimic very stereotypical accents, and the other person has to guess which accent you’re imitating. No harm in this one, but don’t be racist.

14. Try not to laugh challenge

This is a fun challenge that always brings a lot of laughs. It involves watching a bunch of funny viral videos and trying not to laugh. I can’t think of any risks that may result from laughing, give it a try.

13. Eat it or wear it challenge

This is a fun challenge you cab do at home with your loved ones. The rules are simple: assign numbers to the food items (ketchup, popcorn, etc.). Write down the numbers on separate pieces of paper and put them in a box. Each person will pick a random number from the box and then decide whether to eat or wear the corresponding item they picked. Things will get messy pretty fast, so I suggest you wear old clothes and do this challenge outdoor.

12. Brain freeze challenge

Fill a bathtub with ice, make a friend sit in it and ask them questions. They can only get out if they answer a question correctly, it’s hilarious but make sure you don’t try it for too long as it could lead to some health issues.

11. Not My legs challenge

Similar to the not my arms challenge, all you are doing is using your friend’s legs as yours as they lie down behind you and try to sync their movements with what you are talking about, it is tons of fun and again comes 100% risk-free.

10. Blindfold Makeup Challenge

Exactly as the name suggests, this hilarious challenge requires you to blindfold yourself and do your friends makeup. Also, it is super fun when guys do this challenge.

9. Chubby Bunny Challenge

To do the chubby bunny challenge, you need a bag of marshmallows which you and a friend will stuff in your mouths one by one and say “chubby bunny” each time, be careful though so that you don’t choke.

8. 7-second Challenge

Put very simply; one person makes up a task for another to do in 7 seconds, the person that can complete the most tasks in 7 seconds wins, as long as the tasks do not get too extreme this should virtually be risk-free.

7. Baby Food Challenge

Okay, this one is a bit disgusting, you basically get lots of baby food, eat it with a friend, and then each of you needs to guess what ingredients are in the mashed up jar of food, it shouldn’t carry any risks as it is real baby food.

6. Roast Yourself Challenge

As the name suggests all you’re doing for this challenge is dissing yourself in a rap track, you can do it all alone and make it as horrible as you want or, get your friends to diss you which will be fun for them but brutal for you. It pays to have a sense of humor.

5. Touch My Body Challenge

This fun challenge requires you to wear a blindfold while a friend places your finger on a body part of theirs, you then have to guess what body part you are touching, as you can guess already, your finger may end up in some pretty icky places.

4. Chapstick Challenge

This is a somewhat steamy one; it’s a hot and fantastic challenge to play with someone you always wanted to kiss (a crush) or maybe just play it with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It literally involves trying to guess the flavor of Chapstick on the other person by tasting it on their lips.

3. Condom Challenge

Don’t get any dirty ideas; this challenge is not half as steamy as the chapstick challenge. All you’re doing is filling a condom with water and dropping it on a friends head, it is pretty risky, as your friend could struggle to breathe. Ensure you have other friends on standby in case things go wrong.

2. Ghost Pepper Challenge

This challenge involves you and your friends eating the hottest pepper in the world, it will probably be very painful but watching your friends suffer the wrath of this chilli pepper will be a lot of fun, just be careful, too much of this can kill you.

1. Cinnamon challenge

This is one of the hardest YouTube challenges. You have to put a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth and try to keep it in, it looks so easy except that it is not. It is an iincrediblydangerous challenge that can result in permanent lung damage or even death.

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