Baby Food Challenge: Rules, Risks and Videos

The baby food Challenge is a popular YouTube challenge that requires a person to wear a blindfolded and attempt to identify different types of baby food by tasting a spoon of the baby food.

There are several ways you can determine the winner of the challenge.

You can assign a point for swallowing a spoonful without spitting it out and then 2 points for correctly guessing what the type of baby food.

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Baby Food Challenge Rules

How do you play the baby food challenge? What are the rules of the baby food challenge?

  • Get an opponent
  • Get a neutral person to buy varieties of baby food.
  • Every participant should put on a blindfold.
  • The neutral person feeds the participants baby food, and they have to guess what baby food it is.
  • One point for swallowing the baby food without spitting it out and two points for a correct guess.

If you are just two, then modify the rules:

  • Buy different types of baby food.
  • One person should put on a blindfold.
  • Feed the blindfolded person a spoon of baby food and have them guess what flavor it is.

10 Funny Baby Food Challenge Videos

The baby food challenge is a good challenge for YouTube channels. Here are some funny videos of the baby food Challenge for your inspiration:

1. Kaelyn

2. MattyBRaps vs Liv

3. Haschak Sisters

4. Jazzy and Joshua

5. Brooklyn and Bailey

6. Jacy and Kacy

7. GloZell

8. Toys and Me

9. Funnel Vision

10. Daily Bumps Vs. Collins Key

Baby Food Challenge Risks

Unlike the cinnamon challenge and other dangerous viral challenges, the baby food challenge is a harmless challenge.

The only possible risks of the baby food challenge are allergies. In that case, tell the person buying the baby food to avoid foods that can flare up your allergies.