The Cinnamon Challenge: Rules, Risks and Videos

Most cinnamon challenge videos turn out the same.

Everyone watching knows what to expect except the poor sucker doing the challenge.

It is a slow and painful wait to see how the poor fool would fail and pour it all out, and then we all erupt in laughter, as the poor sucker hustles for water to help the dry throat.

In this hilarious and what must be a painful moment for the sucker, the realization that this was an impossible challenge set in.

The sucker decides: “someone must pay, someone else must swallow cinnamon while I watch the excitement and hope in the eye of the fool and laugh as the idiot realizes that hope is a drying river and cinnamon drys up the throat.

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What is Cinnamon Challenge?

The cinnamon challenge is a viral internet challenge that requires the contestant to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon in 30 seconds or less.

Generally, most participants fail at the cinnamon challenge but in some cases, the participants manage to beat the cinnamon challenge.

The Rules of The Cinnamon Challenge

  1. Set a camera for the audience to watch
  2. Put a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth
  3. Swallow it under 60 seconds
  4. Upload the reaction

The Risks Associated with the Cinnamon Challenge

Doctors have warned the public to stop attempting the cinnamon challenge; it is risk harmful to the lungs, there is a danger of breathing difficulties and pneumonia, and ultimately, it can lead to death.

Cinnamon Challenge Deaths

A four-year-old in Kentucky, United States, reportedly died due to ingestion of cinnamon. Reports do not say he died doing the cinnamon challenge, but his mom has campaigned against the challenge as it could encourage kids to ingest cinnamon when no one is watching. Thus, leading to fatal consequences.

20 Best Cinnamon Challenge Videos

I have compiled a list of 20 hilarious attempts of the cinnamon challenge, they are mostly cinnamon challenge fails, so make sure you don’t watch it alone.


American comedian and YouTube personality GloZell took the cinnamon challenge and it was an epic fail. She obviously has no clue about the effects of cinnamon, just look at how large the spoon was, hilarious stuff.

Alayna Fender

Canadian YouTube content creator, Alayna Fender was punished by her subscribers for missing her video scheduled upload. Lucky you, her punishment was the cinnamon challenge.

Furious Pete

Furious Pete holds nine Guinness World Records in eating and guess what he is eating this video: an entire bottle of cinnamon. Did he succeed? Find out.


Roi (From Wassabi Productions) took the cinnamon challenge on his new channel – Guava Juice. Sheer Willpower from Roi in this challenge.


Onision takes on the cinnamon challenge, and like others before him, he claims he loves cinnamon, and this should be easy as pie.

Stem vs. Fem

In the spirit of challenges, Stem and Fem took the cinnamon challenge and the rule was set: the first person to swallow the cinnamon wins. My money is on the one who hates cinnamon.

Roi and Alex

Wassabi Productions (Roi and Alex) and it did not go well for either of them.


Seven symbolizes perfection and YTF, a group of seven, added a new spin to the cinnamon challenge, you eat cinnamon and explain the city YTF would be visiting.


To be fair, he looked like he knew what was coming but the cinnamon challenge takes no prisoners.

Miranda Sings

This is probably going to be easy for me, I love cinnamon, and I put it on all my food, I put it on my toast…**puts cinnamon in mouth**… screams***Mom!

Adam and Kira

Adam was crying because he got cinnamon on his pants, wait till he had cinnamon in his mouth.


It is just cinnamon; easier said than done! Poor girl.

Skai And Peyton

Skai and Peyton take on the cinnamon challenge, but Skai’s hilarious reaction was enough for this video.

Steven Jo

Steven Jo is assured he will complete the Cinnamon Challenge. Was he successful? Find out.

Rosanna Pansino

“I’m never using cinnamon ever again.”


Dad’s make everything better. Find out who won the cinnamon challenge.


He promised to do the regular cinnamon challenge first and then take some more. He’s resilient; you’ve got to give him credit.


True challenges require more than one person. In true challenge fashion, two friends bet each other $20 to complete the cinnamon challenge.


Watch Nikki and John take on the cinnamon challenge. They use big spoons, so sit back, grab your popcorn and watch.

The Slow Mo Guys

Everything is better in Slow Mo. Watch the cinnamon challenge in slow mo.