7 Fun Challenges for Couples To Do At Home

Today, we examine fun challenges for couples.

At some point in the relationship, couples will face the challenge of keeping their relationship interesting.

At this stage, you and your partner must have visited all the cool restaurants, played several board games, gone on romantic trips, and suddenly, the relationship has begun to roll down the boring slope.

A quick search on the internet for fun things to do with your boyfriend will only lead to things you have done or things that are way over your budget as a couple.

So, rather than recommend the cliche fun things for couples to do to kill boredom, I’m recommending something different – Challenges!

Seriously, what better way to keep the spark alive than to challenge each other in fun and interesting ways. It’s even better if both of you have a competitive streak as well as a sense of humor.

Do you think you have the skills to beat your partner? Well, now you can find out.

7 Fun Challenges For Couples To Do

Challenges for couples

These are a series of challenges for couples to try. They are easy to do, cheap to do and you can take these challenges in the privacy of your home.

May the better spouse/partner win!

7. Do My Makeup Challenge

Has your boyfriend ever complained about the amount of time that you spend getting ready? With the makeup challenge, you get to show him just how difficult it is to put on makeup.

For the makeup challenge, you will hand over your makeup bag to your spouse, partner, boyfriend, or whatever you are calling your relationship at this stage. Then, have them root through it and decide what they are going to use on your face.

The trick is that you can’t tell them what any product is used for or where it goes. They will have to apply it where they feel it is right and you can’t stop them even if they get it wrong. Once they are done, you get to see the finished results in the mirror and judge just how good their makeup applying skills are. Watch how this couple fared when they took the makeup challenge:

What You Need for the Makeup Challenge:

  • Your makeup and supplies

6. Blindfold Kissing Challenge

You know couples are supposed to close their eyes when they lock lips. The blindfold kissing challenge makes sure both couples have their eyes closed. The Blindfold kissing challenge is a fun challenge for couples that requires both lovers to put on a blindfold and kiss each other. So, there’s no chance for peeking.

To make things just a little bit more complicated, you will need to face away from each other, with your backs lined up. This way, you are going to have to work that much harder to find each other’s face! It’s going to take a lot longer than you could have imagined.

Love is blind, so a couple trying to find their way to each other shows true love. Also, it is going to be pretty hilarious and cute to watch. So, don’t take this challenge without recording it, it will be much more fun to sit together and watch yourselves struggle to find each other afterward.

Check these two out:


What You Need for the Blindfold Kissing Challenge:

  • Blindfolds

5. Dress Up Challenge

Have you wanted to have a greater say in what your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife wears? The dress up challenge gives you that opportunity. Just not in the way that you imagined. Regardless, it is a fun activity for couples to do at home.

For the dress up challenge, you will head into your closet and pick out an outfit for your partner to wear. Just to be sure you got that right, the husband will pick out one of his outfits for his wife to wear and the wife will select one of her outfits for her husband to wear.

Remember the more ridiculous that the other person looks, the greater your chance to win the challenge. You get bonus points if both of you are brave enough to post up the pics or the videos on social media. These two manage it quite well here:

What You Need for the Dress up Challenge:

  • Your Own Clothes

4. How Well Do You Know Each Other Challenge

This challenge is popularly referred to as the couple’s tag questions challenge, and it tests how well you and your special one know each other.

So, if at one time, you felt that your significant other was just not paying attention to what you are saying, the couple’s tag questions challenge is the perfect way to catch your partner with their pants down.

Each person will pick a set of questions that they want the other to answer about them. The more obscure, the better. Here is a list of questions you can make your partner answer about you.

Also, each of you will have a plate covered in whipped cream. If your partner gets the question wrong, they get a face full of whipped cream. If they get it right, they are spared.

The person who ends up with the most amount of whipped cream on them loses the challenge. Here is a funny example:

What You Need for the How well do you know each other challenge:

3. Conjoined Twin Challenge

So, every couple strives for that moment when they are completely in sync with each other. That moment when they can finally predict each other’s every move? Well, The Conjoined Twin Challenge is the perfect challenge for couples to test how in sync they are.

In this challenge, you are going to be working as one. Both of you are going to need to fit into one large pair of trousers (sweatpants should work) and an oversized t-shirt.

Then, you will need to come up with a series of tasks for the two of you to complete – together. This can range from something like juggling or even making a sandwich. It is up to you to see if you can perform these activities together as one. Watch this couple take the conjoined twins challenge:

What You Need For The Conjoined Twins Challenge:

  • Oversized clothing

2. Touch My Body Challenge

How well do you know your partner’s body? You may be able to identify them quite well by sight but how about when you’re blindfolded? Can you tell a finger from a toe?

If you consider yourself an expert on your partner’s body, the Touch My Body Challenge is the perfect game for you.

Here, one of you will put on a blindfold. Then the other person (Girlfriend) will take the blindfolded partner’s (Boyfriend) finger and place it somewhere on their (Girlfriend) body. The person who can’t see (Boyfriend) will have to guess what part they are touching without too much information to go on.

The person who can correctly guess what the most number of body parts is crowned the winner. This video is quite funny:

What You Need For The Touch My Body Challenge:

  • Blindfold

1. 7 Second Challenge

The seven-second challenge is a popular challenge for couples to do at home. The minute to win it games gives you a minute to complete a task while the 7-second challenge gives you seven seconds. If you are home alone with your special one and you need ideas on fun things to do at home, you should take the seven-second challenge.

In this challenge, you and your partner will take turns asking each other to complete a task in under seven seconds. For example, you can ask your partner to mention five places you have visited together in under 7 seconds.

Couples love the seven-second challenges because it is fun and easy to play. Also, you can pretty much play it any way you love, so it isn’t limiting. Here are some ideas for the seven-second challenge. Remember, you have the freedom to set the punishment for anyone who fails to complete a task in 7 seconds. Watch this couple take the seven-second challenge:

What You Need For The Seven Second Challenge:

Hopefully, you get to try out all of these fun couples challenges and have a great time doing so. It is, even more, interesting when you record a video of yourselves taking these couple challenges. Remember, memories are invaluable in relationships, so we should always try to store the lovely ones.