40+ Fun Challenges for Couples To Do At Home

Today, we examine fun challenges for couples.

At some point in the relationship, couples will face the challenge of keeping their relationship interesting.

At this stage, you and your partner must have visited all the cool restaurants, played several board games, gone on romantic trips, and suddenly, the relationship has begun to roll down the boring slope.

A quick search on the internet for fun things to do with your boyfriend will only lead to things you have done or things that are way over your budget as a couple.

So, rather than recommend the cliche fun things for couples to do to kill boredom, I’m recommending something different – Challenges!

Seriously, what better way to keep the spark alive than to challenge each other in fun and interesting ways. It’s even better if both of you have a competitive streak as well as a sense of humor.

Do you think you have the skills to beat your partner? Well, now you can find out.

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40+ Fun Challenges For Couples To Do

Challenges for couples

These are a series of challenges for couples to try. They are easy to do, cheap to do and you can take these challenges in the privacy of your home.

May the better spouse/partner win!

42. Can’t Say No Challenge

Have you ever wanted to ask your partner for something but knew they’d never oblige? Well here’s an opportunity to do so!

For this challenge, you and your partner are expected to make all kinds of requests — crazy, weird, silly, whatever you can think of at all. The wilder the better!

Whoever can say “Yes” to the most requests from their partner wins this challenge. You can also set a penalty for whoever refuses to say “Yes” to a request.

41. Couples Speech Jammer Challenge

Do you think you’re fluent in whatever language you speak? Think again! The Couples Speech Jammer challenge will have you questioning your speaking abilities, we promise.

For this challenge, you’re expected to speak to your partner while listening to your own words being replayed a few seconds after you already said it. You can play this challenge using headphones and a microphone or better still, a SpeechJammer app from your phone’s App store. This will be harder than you’d expect & whoever does a better job at it wins.

What You Need For The Couples Speech Jammer Challenge:

  • A microphone or a SpeechJammer App
  • Headphones

40. Singing Gargle Water Challenge

So you think you can sing? How about with water in your mouth? The Singing Gargle Water Challenge requires you and your partner to take turns singing some of your favorite songs with water in your mouth.

You can’t let it spill, you can’t swallow the water and your partner has to be able to figure out what song you’re singing, or you lose the round!

What You Need For The Singing Gargle Water Challenge:

  • Some water
  • A list of songs to choose from

39. Couples Pringles Challenge

Everybody loves a food challenge, most especially when it comes to guessing flavors.

For this, you and your partner would need as many Pringles flavors as you can lay your hands on, put them together and then take turns blindfolding the other person and feeding them a piece of Pringles Chips. If they can guess what flavor they’re chewing, they win that round of the challenge.  You can also set a punishment for whoever guesses incorrectly!

What You Need For The Couples Pringles Challenge:

  • Different Pringles flavors
  • A blindfold

38. Guess That Movie Challenge

If movie night ever gets boring, this is one fun game that you and your partner will enjoy.

To begin, make a compilation of popular movie soundtracks separately. These could be classical movies or one you’ve both seen in the past while your partner was half-asleep or distracted! Next, you and your partners can take turns playing soundtracks or certain scenes from these movies and make the other person guess what movie it is.

What You Need For The Guess That Movie Challenge:

  • A list of soundtracks or clips from movies

37. The Pause Challenge

This fun challenge can last for as long as you’d like it to — 24-hours or the entire weekend — and it’s very easy to play too!

After you and your partner have decided how long to play this challenge, you’re both expected to go about your day normally and at random moments, hold a remote to your partner, and shout “Pause!”. Whatever your partner is in the middle of has to abruptly end or they lose this challenge. They could be cooking, shaving, or in the middle of rearranging, but if they don’t pause, they lose. You can both agree on how long a person is supposed to remain “Paused.”

What You Need For The Pause Challenge:

  • A remote

36. What’s That Smell/Scent Challenge

Have you gotten tired of mentioning how stinky your partner’s shoe can be when she takes her feet out of them, or how strong his cologne can be when it’s mixed with sweat?

With this challenge, you can let them see (or sniff!) for themselves. Both partners are expected to put together some strong-smelling items, blindfold the other person, and make them guess what they’re perceiving! Whoever makes the most incorrect guesses after both partners have taken turns at this challenge loses.

What You Need For The What’s That Smell/Scent Challenge:

  • Blindfolds
  • A collection of smelly items

35. Couples LEGO Challenge

Most people enjoy Legos and not just kids. This challenge requires you and your partner to try and build a Lego from scratch.

You could take turns and see how fast you can build a Lego in comparison to your partner or you could work together at it. To make it more fun, you could both try to build Legos while wearing blindfolds and see who’d do a better job at building something!

What You Need For The Water Balloon Challenge:

  • A LEGO set

34. Water Balloon Challenge

If you’ve ever wanted to play the Question & Answer tag with an interesting twist, you and your partner would love this challenge.

To play, you can both make a list of questions about yourselves to ask each other. Whoever gives an incorrect answer will get hit with a water balloon as their punishment, and whoever has the most water on them at the end of all the questions loses.

What You Need For The Water Balloon Challenge:

  • A list of questions
  • Water balloons

33. Couples Heads Up Challenge

This simple challenge will require you and your partner to take turns at giving the other person some kind of “heads up” regarding the name of some animal, place, thing, or object they’re supposed to guess.

Using your phones or a small piece of paper, write down the name of whatever you’d like the other person to guess, and paste it on their forehead or make them hold it up to their forehead. Then, provide clues about the name of the unknown thing so that they can make an accurate guess. You can choose to use a timer so that everyone can get an equal amount of time as you take turns.

What You Need For The Couples Heads Up Challenge:

  • A sticky paper or a phone’s notepad to write down the unknown name

32. Couples Dizzy Challenge

This silly challenge can be done within the house or somewhere safe like an open park, where it wouldn’t cause any harm if someone falls from all the spinning.

To play this challenge, one partner is expected to make the other dizzy. You could do this by spinning the other person around in the air, or in a spinning chair for about 60 seconds. Once that’s done, make them do a task while still dizzy from all the spinning like pouring a glass of water, opening a carton of milk, or wearing a piece of clothing. If they manage to do this task successfully, then they win that round. You can take turns playing this game, but be careful not to hurt yourselves!

31. Couples Yoga Challenge

Yoga is known for being a relaxing exercise, and when it’s done with a partner, sharing such an experience can be great for both parties.

This simple challenge requires you both to try out different Yoga poses and see who does better at holding poses the longest. You can start easy and work your way up together!

What You Need For Couples Yoga Challenge:

  • Yoga tools

30. Truth or Dare Challenge

This is one challenge that everybody enjoys, and if you don’t mind being honest and getting very personal, you and your partner can have a lot of fun with this challenge.

You are expected to both take turns choosing between Truth or Dares and whoever chickens out from any can be penalized for it. Do keep it as friendly as possible if you want to have some fun with this challenge, and be ready to be open too!

What You Need For The Truth or Dare Challenge:

  • A compilation of Truth or Dare questions

29. Couples Imitation Challenge

There’s the popular Celebrity Imitation challenge, where you’re supposed to imitate your favorite celebrity and see how well you can do, but here’s one that’s even better — imitating your favorite person in the world!

To play this challenge, you can choose categories like “Angry”, “Happy”, “Sad”, “Sleepy” etc, and then try to imitate your partner’s behavior when they’re in these moods. Whoever does a better job at this between you both wins this challenge.

28. Guess The Lyrics Couples Challenge

This challenge will require you and your partner to each gather separate lists containing popular songs, which you can then play out for the other person or sing, and see if they can figure out the next line of the lyrics from wherever you stop. If you and your partner love music, then you’d enjoy seeing who does a better job at recollecting songs!

What You Need For The Guess The Lyrics Couples Challenge:

  • A list of songs

27. $10 Target Couples Challenge

Is your partner a frugal spender or do they not even know what a budget is when they go shopping? Confirm your assumptions with this challenge!

To play, you and your partner are expected to go shopping with a budget of 10 dollars only. You can go shop at Target or any other store in your city, as long as you stick to your budget. Usually, you can either shop for yourself or for your partner, and then see who does a better job at making the most of a small budget!

What You Need For The $10 Target Couples Challenge:

  • 10 dollars (or any amount you’d like to set as your budget)

26.  What’s In My Mouth Couples Challenge

For this challenge, you and your partner are expected to take turns blindfolding each other. One person is expected to be blindfolded while the other should put some random edible item into the blindfolded person’s mouth. Then with the help of a timer, see how long it takes for your partner to figure out what’s in their mouth. It could be a cookie, ketchup, coconut oil, a piece of fish, or whatever you like.

Whoever guesses accurately what’s in their mouth as fast as possible wins this challenge.

What You Need For The What’s In My Mouth Couples Challenge:

  • A blindfold
  • Timer (You can use your phone)
  • Safe edible items

25. Try Not To Cry Couples Challenge

Who’s the crybaby in this relationship? Find out with this challenge! Basically, you and your partner can put together a collection of emotional pictures, videos, and even some sappy songs too. This might be funny or just a fantastic opportunity to do some bonding, but whoever drops a tear first, or gets a watery eye before the other person loses this challenge!

What You Need For The Try Not To Laugh Couples Challenge:

  • A compilation of funny videos

24. Try Not To Laugh Couples Challenge

This challenge will test your ability to keep a straight face, and for how long too!

To play, you’d need a compilation of hilarious videos. You can search for these on YouTube. You and your partner are expected to watch these videos together, and every time one partner laughs, the other person wins that round.

What You Need For The Try Not To Laugh Couples Challenge:

  • A compilation of funny videos

23. The Love Is Like A Rodeo Challenge

If you love TikTok challenges, then you might have heard of this challenge. It requires one partner to lift up the other, and you’d need teamwork to nail this challenge.

If you love gymnastics and don’t mind putting in some practice to get it right, then you and your partner would enjoy this one!

22. The YouCanReallyDance Challenge

This is another TikTok challenge that requires you and your partner to move your bodies! It’s a dance contest where you’re both expected to record yourselves taking turns as you perform different moves and see who’s most talented on the dance floor!

One partner is expected to start off and then point at the other person, which is their cue to perform their own moves. You can both be the judge on who did better when watching your video, so be sure to film it!

21. The Small Gestures Challenge

This TikTok challenge is just right for couples, and it’s the perfect excuse to do something really sweet for your partner. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to put your heart into it, record it and see who’s the most thoughtful partner in the relationship!

20. TikTok Q&A Couples Challenge

TikTok is known for its Question and Answer audio clips that are perfect for couples. You can decide to both wear blindfolds and answer a couple of these questions by pointing to your partner or yourself, instead of saying your answer out loud. For example, one of those questions might ask, “Who snores the loudest?” or “Who said I Love You first?”

Just be sure to have your phone filming while you’re both blindfolded so you can watch and see each other’s answers afterward.

19. The Plank Challenge

The Plank challenge can be a lot of fun if you both love performing exercise routines.

For this challenge, you and your partner are expected to do a full plank routine together while a song plays in the background. To add to the thrill of this challenge, the routine also includes rolling under your partner, and giving each other a one-hand high-five! Cool, right?

18. The StandUp Couples Challenge

You may need a lot of practice to perform this challenge, but all the trials and errors in between can also be fun too.

This TikTok challenge will require the smaller partner to get on the back of the bigger partner and following the beat of the song, attempt to jump all the way to your partner’s shoulder without falling off. You’d need a lot of stamina to do this, but it’s worth the try!

17.  Couples Whisper Challenge

Think you can read lips? Find out with the Couple’s Whisper Challenge.

You’d need headphones and some loud music to play this challenge. One partner is expected to put on the headphones/earphones and while some loud music is playing, the other person can whisper anything, while the one with the headphones, tries to figure out what’s being said. Whoever manages to accurately decipher what their partner is saying wins this challenge.

What You Need For The Couple’s Whisper Challenge:

16. Don’t Look Away Challenge

Who’s tougher than a rock in the relationship? Find out with this challenge! To play, you and your partner will need certain pictures or videos of horrifying disasters, freak accidents, crazy stunts, botched surgeries — anything that would normally make you gasp and look away!

Whoever can watch these videos the longest without flinching, closing their eyes, or looking away wins.

What You Need For The Don’t Look Away Challenge:

  • A compilation of videos (usually gruesome, scary, or gross!)

15. Couples 1-2-3 Challenge

To play this challenge, you and your partner can compile a list of fun questions about your personal lives or your relationship. Next, one partner can ask a question, and then at the count of 3, you both have to give your own answer to the question out loud. You just might find some of your partner’s answers to certain questions surprising (or hilarious!)

What You Need For The Couple’s 1-2-3 Challenge:

  • A list of questions

14. 30-Days Fitness Challenge

Who better to keep fit with and make your accountability partner in your journey to fitness than your favorite person in the world?

This challenge will require you and your partner to put in intentional effort with workout routines for the next 30 days. You can choose to eliminate body fat in certain areas or see who can lose the most weight with simple exercises like push-ups, lunges, crunches, and squats.

Try to push yourselves by increasing reps for any exercise you and your partner decide on and continue to monitor your progress all through the month. Whoever makes the most impressive progress and sees more results at the end wins! But really, is there any “loser” in this sort of challenge?

What You Need For The 30-Days Fitness Challenge

  • Fitness equipments

13. Chapstick Challenge

The Chapstick Challenge makes a fun activity for everyone involved, whether you win at it or not.

Each partner is required to pick a certain flavor of chapstick, apply it on but not tell the other what flavor they chose. Once the thick layer of chapstick has been applied, each partner is expected to try and guess what flavor the other person is wearing by kissing. Whoever figures it out first wins the challenge!

What You Need For The Chapstick Challenge:

  • Different flavors of chapsticks

12.  Flip The Switch Challenge

Drake’s 2018 song “Nonstop” has gone viral in 2020 and birthed the “Flip The Switch” challenge, and couples have been having a fun time with this one! To play, you’d need the TikTok app.

The challenge usually starts off showing two people in front of a mirror, with one person holding the camera. Then, the light switch is hit to turn the lights off. When the light switch is hit again to turn the lights on, both partners are expected to have swapped their looks completely — it’s like getting a chance to live in your partner’s body for a few seconds, all thanks to Drake and Tiktok, of course. Whoever looks more ridiculous wins this challenge!

What You Need For The Flip The Switch Challenge:

  • Camera
  • A mirror
  • A light switch
  • Change of clothes

11. Beer Pong Challenge

If you and your partner would love an excuse to indulge in some drinking, then you’d love this challenge!

To play, you’d need to set up a table, some plastic cups and ping pong balls. Then, both partners are expected to stand on either side of the table and try to throw the ping pong ball into one of the other person’s cups. Whoever manages to get their ping pong ball to land in the cup wins the round.

As a reward, the winner gets to down the beer and take away the cup. Whoever manages to throw the most balls into a cup and take the most drinks wins. This game might be fun but it could leave you very tipsy at the end, so be prepared for that!

What You Need For The Beer Pong Challenge:

  • An even number of disposable cups for two
  • 1 eight-foot long rectangular table
  • Ping pong balls
  • Any Beer of your choice

10. Staring Challenge

This challenge might remind you of the time when this was everybody’s favorite game as a kid. It’s also super easy and can be played anywhere with your partner.

All you have to do is simply stare into each other’s eyes for as long as you can, without blinking or looking away. Whoever can do this the longest wins this challenge. Just try not to get so lost in the moment & in those eyes of your partner!

9. The One Who Strips The Other Challenge

This erotic challenge is perfect for turning things up a notch when you’re trying to spice up your intimate life with your partner. To play, one partner is expected to undress the other and vice-versa. Whoever completely undresses the other first wins this challenge, and as a reward, they are to be pampered to an erotic massage, display, or any other naughty reward they’d like to have.

You can be as wild as you like, as long as your partner is also into whatever idea you have. You can even employ the use of ice-cubes, blindfolds, whips, and handcuffs for whoever wins this challenge. Of course, the only thing about this challenge is you may not be filming, but that’s okay — enjoy!

What You Need For The One Who Strips The Other Challenge:

  • “Bedroom toys”/Kinky Items

8. The Floor Is Lava Challenge

This is a fun challenge to play with your partner if you’re feeling more hyper than usual! It’s also very spontaneous and easy too. All you have to do is say “The floor is lava” when your partner least expects it.

Once you make that statement, your partner is supposed to get off the floor somehow — jump on a couch, on the bed, heck, even on you for safety! You can dedicate the entire afternoon to this game, and shout “The floor is lava” as often as you like, just to see how quickly your partner would react.

7. Do My Makeup Challenge

Has your boyfriend ever complained about the amount of time that you spend getting ready? With the makeup challenge, you get to show him just how difficult it is to put on makeup.

For the makeup challenge, the partner who uses makeup (usually the female) is expected to hand over her makeup bag to the other partner, who gets to decide what they’re going to use.

The trick is that you can’t tell your partner what any product is used for or where it goes. Once they’re done, you get to see the finished results in the mirror and judge just how good their makeup applying skills are. Watch how this couple fared when they took the makeup challenge:

What You Need For The Makeup Challenge:

  • Your makeup and supplies

6. Blindfold Kissing Challenge

Everyone knows you’re supposed to close your eyes when locking lips. The Blindfold Kissing challenge will make sure of exactly that, with no chance for peeking.

Both partners are expected to put on a blindfold and kiss each other in this fun challenge. To make things a little more complicated, you and your partner can turn away from each other. This way, you’re going to have to work much harder to find each other’s face! It’s going to take a lot longer than you could have imagined.

Love is blind, so a couple trying to find their way to each other shows true love. Also, it’s going to be pretty hilarious and cute to watch so don’t take this challenge without recording it, it will be much more fun to sit together and watch yourselves struggle to find each other afterward.

What You Need For The Blindfold Kissing Challenge:

  • Blindfolds

5. Dress Up Challenge

Have you ever wanted to pick out an outfit for your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife but never had the chance, or they just never take your choices seriously? The Dress Up challenge gives you that opportunity.

For this challenge, you’re expected to pick out an outfit for your partner to wear, and your partner is expected to do the same for you. Remember that the more ridiculous the other person looks, the greater your chance to win the challenge.

You get bonus points if both of you are brave enough to post up the pics or the videos on social media.

What You Need For The Dress Up Challenge:

  • A bunch of clothes to choose from

4. How Well Do You Know Each Other Challenge

This challenge is popularly referred to as the couple’s tag questions challenge, and it tests how well you and your special one know each other.

So, if at one time, you felt that your significant other was just not paying attention to what you are saying, the couple’s tag questions challenge is the perfect way to find out. Each person will pick a set of questions that they want the other to answer about them. The more obscure, the better. Here is a list of questions you can make your partner answer about you.

As a punishment, each of you will have a plate covered in whipped cream. If your partner gets the question wrong, they get a face full of whipped cream. If they get it right, they are spared. The person who ends up with the most amount of whipped cream on them loses the challenge

What You Need For How Well Do You Know Each Other Challenge:

3. Conjoined Twin Challenge

Most couples strive for that moment when they’re completely in sync with each other. You know that moment when you can both predict each other’s every move? Well, the Conjoined Twin Challenge is the perfect challenge for couples to test how in sync they are.

In this challenge, you are going to be working as one. Both of you are going to need to fit into one large pair of trousers (sweatpants should work) and an oversized t-shirt.

Then, you will need to come up with a series of tasks for the two of you to complete – together. This can range from something like juggling or even making a sandwich. It is up to you to see if you can perform these activities together as one. Watch this couple take the conjoined twins challenge:

What You Need For The Conjoined Twins Challenge:

  • Oversized clothing

2. Touch My Body Challenge

How well do you know your partner’s body? You might be able to identify them quite well by sight but how about when you’re blindfolded? Can you tell a finger from a toe? If you consider yourself an expert on your partner’s body, the Touch My Body Challenge is the perfect game for you.

To begin, one of you will put on a blindfold. Then the other person is expected to take the blindfolded partner’s fingers/hands and place them somewhere on their body. The blindfolded partner will then have to guess what part they are touching without too much information to go on.

For this challenge, you could even use your tongue too! The person who can correctly guess the most number of body parts is crowned the winner. This is one challenge that can go from funny to steamy fast.

What You Need For The Touch My Body Challenge:

  • A blindfold

1. 7 Second Challenge

The seven-second challenge is a popular challenge for couples to do at home. For this challenge, you’re expected to perform a task or answer a question in seven seconds. You can take turns asking each other and timing the other person. For example, you can ask your partner to mention five places you have visited together or to help you wear a piece of jewelry in seven seconds.

Couples love the seven-second challenges because it is fun and easy to play. You can also add twists to this challenge, so it isn’t limited in any way. Here are some ideas for the seven-second challenge.

What You Need For The Seven Second Challenge:

Hopefully, you get to try out all of these fun couples challenges and have a great time doing so. It is, even more, interesting when you record a video of yourselves taking these couple challenges. Remember, memories are invaluable in relationships, so we should always try to store the lovely ones.