21 Fun Challenges For Kids To Do At A Sleepover

Are you searching for fun sleepover ideas for kids? Consider these fun challenges ideas for kids to do during sleepovers.

Irrespective of how techy we get, sleepovers will never go out of style. It doesn’t matter how old you are; sleepovers are still fun for everyone. Particularly because of the silly games or challenges you do with friends during sleepovers.

If you are a mother, hosting sleepovers and you want the kids to have a great time, here are some fun sleepover ideas.

The great thing about these sleepover games is that they are not overly competitive. Sure, they are called challenges for a reason, but everyone playing knows it is just a fun game.

So, if one of your sleepovers ever hits a lull or you feel like your guests are getting bored, try out one or more of these challenges for sleepovers to ensure everyone has a great time.

Challenges For Kids To Do At a Sleepover

Challenges for sleepovers

Here are the top picks for challenges to do at a sleepover. I have selected fun challenges for kids and teenagers that wouldn’t get you angry calls from other parents in the morning.

21. Drawing Blindfolded Challenge

Kids spend a lot of time and effort on their drawings. What happens, however, when they aren’t allowed to see what they are drawing?

For this challenge, you are going to need to give your child a pencil and a piece of paper. Next, each kid will wear a blindfold and then attempt to draw an object of their own choosing. To help the game go a little faster, you can have select what objects the kids should draw, and you can set a time limit for everyone to submit their drawings.

Now, these challenges can be played in several ways. One way to play the blindfolded drawing challenge is for everyone to decide on who has the best drawing. Another way is for the other children – to guess what they have drawn. The first person to correctly guess the picture is the winner. Here is a look at how some other kids managed to do this challenge:

What You Need:

  • Paper and pencil
  • Blindfold

20. Accent Challenge

For this grand challenge, the kids have to mimic different accents. The accent challenge is hugely popular among kids and teenagers because it does not involve any material other elaborate activities. The challenge can be played in school, at home and most importantly, during sleepovers.

To play the accent challenge, you have to decide on an accent for your opponent to mimic. For example, you can ask your opponent to mimic the famous British Accent or the badass Eastern European accent. Similarly, the kids can imitate the accent of their favorite T.V character.

Overall, the accent challenge is a very enjoyable game for sleepovers. Here is a video of the accent challenge:

What You Need:

  • Accent Ideas

19. Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

Can you pick beans from a bowl with a Chopstick? This is exactly what the beans and Chopsticks challenge is about.

For this challenge, the participants will need an empty container, a plate or bowl is fine. Next, the participant will use chopsticks to transfer beans from a can or a bowl into the empty container. The contestant with the highest number of beans in the formerly empty bowl wins the challenge.

Watch these adorable kids take on the viral Beans and Chopsticks challenge:


What You Need:

  • Can of beans
  • Chopsticks
  • Empty container

18. Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

At girls’ sleepovers, as a tradition, it is inevitable that a makeover or two takes place.  Now, the makeovers aren’t all about looking better – most of them are downright goofy. Well, the blindfolded makeup challenge takes it to another level.

For this challenge, depending on the rules, the blindfolded contestant will have to do her own makeup while blindfolded. The goal is to make sure that it goes on as perfectly as possible. You can also split the kids into teams. The team that manages to have the neatest result wins the challenge.

Even the most skilled makeup artist will find this viral challenge quite tough. See how these girls managed to do it:

What You Need:

  • Makeup
  • Blindfolds

17. Guess That Pizza Challenge

The pizza challenge is a fun challenge for sleepovers because everyone gets to eat pizza afterward.

This fun challenge requires the kids to take a bite from a slice of pizza and guess which pizza they just tasted. The game has several variations. For example, the kids can guess what flavor or topping is on the pizza, or they can just guess what pizza shop the pizza is from.

Here is a video of the viral pizza challenge.

What You Need:

  • Pizza
  • Blindfolds

16. Internet Slang Challenge

These days, everyone spends a considerable amount of their time on the internet. As expected, if you spend a lot of time doing something, you are going to get good at it. So how strong is your knowledge of internet slangs?

The Internet Slang challenge is a sure winner among teenagers and kids. Remember, you can make this game more fun by setting fun punishments for anyone who fails to answer correctly. For example, anyone who doesn’t answer correctly can get tickled.

Here is a video of the Internet Slang Challenge:

What You Need:

  • Internet Slangs

15. Minute To Win It Games

The Minute to Win it games have been around for a long time, and it is an excellent source of fun challenges for kids.

Minute to win it games are similar to seven-second challenges. The major difference is that the minute to win it games gives you a minute to complete your task. This is a huge list of fun games you can complete in sixty seconds.

Here is a video of one of the minute to win it games:

What You Need:

  • Timer

14. No Thumbs Challenge

Everyone takes their thumbs for granted. So, what will you do when you no longer can use them? Well, make a mess of things of course!

In this challenge, you have to tape your child’s thumbs in a way so that they can’t use them, no matter how much they try. Then, you have to give them a simple task to try out. Go for something funny like trying to eat cereal or putting on clothes. Then watch as this easy activity becomes a lot more challenging and hilarious.

The first child to complete their task is the winner of the challenge! This brother and sister duo certainly have a time of it with this game:

What You Need:

  • Tape

13. Whisper Challenge

Have you tried to get your kids to use their ‘indoor voice’ on multiple occasions and failed miserably? Well, this challenge should help with that.

Depending on how old the kids are, you can either give them cue cards to read from or just have them make up their own dialogue. One child has to wear a pair of headphones and listen to music. The other has to whisper something to them. The kid with the headphones then has to guess what was said to him or her. After a certain number of tries, the other child gets a turn. The kid with the correct answers wins the game.

See how these two do with this challenge:

What You Need:

  • Headset

12. Dizzy Challenge

This is a fun challenge for kids that you will enjoy. The goal here is to get your little ones as dizzy as you possibly can. How you manage, that is up to you. You can have them spin around and around. You can also put them on a chair with wheels and spin them around a bit.

Once they are quite dizzy, you need to get them to do something simple. Remember as they are quite disoriented, don’t make it too difficult or dangerous. Try getting them to put a t-shirt on or to find their way to a different spot. If they manage to do it properly, they win the challenge. See an example of it here:

Here is a video of the dizzy challenge:

What You Need:

  • A list of task

11. The Popsicle Challenge

In this challenge, you have to blindfold the kids and give each of them a Popsicle.

They have to taste it at the same time and guess the flavor. You can choose a variety of store-bought Popsicles for them to taste. If you want to get really creative, however, you can make your own. Choose unusual flavors or drinks and freeze them in Popsicle molds.

This will confuse the kids quite a lot when it comes to time for the taste test. The child who guesses the most number of flavors correctly wins the game. See how these sisters fared against each other

What You Need:

  • Popsicle
  • Blindfolds

10. Not My Arms Challenge

The Not My Arms Challenge is a great game to inspire teamwork.

For the Not My Arms challenge, two people have to pair up. Next, both of them have to put on a big t-shirt. The shirt will help you disguise whose arm we are seeing. Following this, the person in front will narrate what their arms are doing, and the person at the back has to act as the arms of the person in front when completing tasks such as eating, drinking, or putting on makeup.

See how these two give this a challenge a try:

What You Need:

  • Big T-shirt

9. Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge

The Blindfold Food Tasting Challenge is a fun challenge for sleepovers.

For this challenge, the participants have to put on a blindfold, and then they have to taste different foods blindly and guess what they just tasted. Remember, to note everyone’s allergies, so that you don’t give them foods that will flare up their challenges.

Here is the video of the blinded food tasting challenge:

What You Need:

  • Blindfolds
  • Food

8. Human Shazam Challenge

Shazam helps you discover songs you hear. So basically, if you play any part of a song, Shazam tells you what song you are playing.

For the Human Shazam challenge, you have to identify what song is playing by listening to a part of the song. This challenge has been around long before the internet, and it is a popular game for music lovers. Similarly, you can bring the fun to the next sleepover you are hosting. It is an excellent way to test the knowledge of your friends.

Here is a video of the fun Shazam challenge:

What You Need:

  • Music

7. Baby Food Challenge

Do you remember the taste of baby food? In the Baby Food Challenge, you are going to be eating some baby food. However, I wouldn’t count on it to bring back old memories.

In the Baby Food Challenge, the contestants are going to put on a blindfold. Next. the contestants are going to eat from a can or jar of baby food and guess what flavor of baby food they have just tasted. As with all fun challenges, the person with the highest number of correct guesses wins the challenge. Also, you can set the punishment for anyone who doesn’t guess correctly.

Here is a video of the baby food challenge:

What You Need:

  • Baby Foods
  • Blindfolds

6. Impression Challenge

Impressions are a fun game for sleepovers because you get to make mimic anyone you want. Even the fellow participants of the game.

The impression challenge requires the participants to make impressions of selected characters. The person with the best impression wins the challenge. Musicians, Movie stars, Presidents, Parents, Cartoon, Character, Teacher, Friends are great characters to imitate for this challenge.

Watch these two charming ladies take the impression challenge:

What You Need:

  • List of characters to imitate

5. Memorize Challenge

Do you have a picture brain that stores every detail without error? Here is a good way to put your computer brain to work. Basically, the memorize challenge tests the participant’s memory. Mainly, the ability to remember things quickly.

The memorize challenge can be played in multiple ways. First, you can make everyone listen to a song, or read a part of a book and then after a while; they have to recite the thing they just read. Secondly, you can display some items and give the contestant a set time to note all the items. Next, you remove some items, and the contestant has to guess what items are missing correctly.

Here is a video of the memorize challenge:

What You Need:

  • Things to memorize

4. Tag Questions

Tag questions are a great idea for having fun with friends. It helps friends to gauge exactly how well they know each other. For a sleepover, tag questions help everyone bond and have fun.

There are different types of tag questions. For sleepovers, the about me tag questions, this or that tag questions, and most likely to tag questions are good questions for everyone to answer about themselves.

Here is a video of the best friend tag, which is equally a great question tag for sleepovers.

What You Need:

  • Tag Questions

3. 7-second Challenge

The 7-second challenge is a timeless challenge that works for almost all occasions. Even for sleepovers, the seven-second challenge is an excellent game to play with friends.

For the 7-second challenge, each participant will have seven seconds to complete a task. You can select any task you want, but it has to be a task that can be done in seven seconds. Here are fun 7-second challenge ideas to get you started.

Here is a video of the 7-second challenge:

What You Need:

  • 7 Second Challenge Ideas

2. Water Bottle Flip Challenge

Can you flip a water bottle and let it stand perfectly? If you can, then the water bottle flip challenge.

For the water bottle flip challenge, the participant will have to flip a water bottle, and the bottle must land perfectly on its bottom. Any participant who can successfully flip a bottle wins the challenge. The great thing about this fun challenge is that as long as you have a water bottle, you can play it anywhere.

Here is a video of the viral water bottle flip challenge.

What You Need:

  • Water bottle

1. Try Not to Laugh Challenge

Even during the worst situations, I find myself giggling. Now imagine, watching a hilarious video and you must keep a straight face.

The Try Not To Laugh Challenge requires you to watch a funny video without laughing or grinning. In this challenge, the contestants have to look at a compilation of funny videos without laughing or grinning. The first one to break down and laugh loses the game. This is definitely not an easy game. Even adults have a tough time keeping a straight face.

Here is a funny video you can use for the Try Not To Laugh Challenge:


What You Need:

  • A compilation of funny videos.

With these fun challenges for kids, you will never host another boring sleepover. Do you know of other people who are looking for exciting things to do at their sleepover? Well, send them this article.