How To Do The Famous Warhead Challenge

Have you heard of the viral internet challenge called  – The Warhead Challenge?

Kids love a good challenge, and so do adults. When the challenge involves candy, it is even better.

Technically, the Warhead challenge has been around as long as the candy has been on the market. Back then, however, it was just schoolchildren competing with each other.

In recent years, the Warhead Challenge has become even more popular. It has also become somewhat of a viral sensation with everyone wanting to give this challenge a go. If you are one of those curious individuals, here is everything you need to know about the Warhead challenge:

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What Is the Warhead Challenge?

Warhead Challenge

The Warhead Challenge is a fun viral challenge that requires the contestants to either eat as many warhead candies as possible within a set period or keep a certain amount of warhead in his/her mouth for as long as possible.

There are a couple of variations on this challenge. One of these involves trying to see just how many Warhead candies you can fit in your mouth at the same time. The second challenge is to determine how many Warheads you can eat within in a specific amount of time.

There are other “types” of Warhead challenges. Some people have even gone so far as to make the sourest drink out of the candy possible and drink it. Essentially, anything involving the Warhead candies can be considered the Warhead Challenge.

The Rules of the Warhead Challenge

Here is how to do the warhead challenge:

  • You need to have the candies in your mouth all at once. Some candies cannot be inside of your mouth longer than the others.
  • All of the candies must remain in your mouth for the duration of the challenge.
  • If the candies fall out of your mouth during the challenge, it is considered a fail. You will have to try again at a later time with all of the candies in your mouth.
  • You can only spit some of the candies out if you feel as though you are about to start choking or if the candies are burning your mouth.

Eating Warheads Within a Time Limit:

  • You have to try to eat 150 different Warhead candies within the space of ten minutes.
  • Each candy must be fully consumed for it to be counted for the challenge.

What You Need to Complete the Warhead Challenge

As you can imagine, the Warhead candies feature quite prominently in this challenge. Of course, there are different types of candies. However, officially, you are supposed to use only one type of Warhead candy for this challenge – the Extreme Sour Warheads.

Why? Well, most Warhead candies are quite sour, but these are especially so. They are coated with a substance that is known as malic acid, which is what wrecks havoc on your taste buds. This sensation is prolonged because the acid is coated in hydrogenated palm oil, causing a time-delayed reaction with the candy.

Materials Needed:

Warhead Challenge Videos

This couple tries both variations of the challenge. They start off by trying to see how many they can eat within the space of the video. When they realize how difficult that is, they decide to see how many they can hold in their mouth at one time. Needless to say, it wasn’t that successful of a Warhead challenge for either of them!

This group takes the Warhead challenge to another level, entirely! They have also altered the rules a bit as well. They each have to keep one candy in their mouth for ten seconds before adding another. They need to do so every ten seconds. However, there is a catch. If any of them spit their candies out before their time is up, there is a punishment involved. They have to eat a Ghost Pepper flavored nut. This means swapping out extremely sour for extremely hot.

So this guy is really committed to the cause. He is one of the few people that actually managed to complete the 150 warhead challenge. He also did it in a timely fashion. He had to go through a lot of pain to get this task completed. Quite early on during the challenge, his tongue even started bleeding! He pushed through, however, and managed to finish what he set off to do.

The Warhead Candy Challenge Warning

Trying out the Warhead Challenge is quite risky. The company that produces these candies has a warning on all of their products. It reads: “Eating multiple pieces within a short time period may cause a temporary irritation to sensitive tongues and mouths.”

Different people have had different experiences with the Warhead Challenge. As you saw in one of the videos above, some people have experienced bleeding of the tongue. This has a higher chance of happening if you try the 150 Warhead Challenge.

Others still have reported a loss of sensation in their tongue and the ability to taste things for a while. The candy company that makes the Warheads says that the taste should come back in a short while. However, this timeline is for people who have only eaten a handful of candy at a time.

You can also expect your tongue to be discolored for a quite a while. The candy contains artificial dyes that may remain on your tongue once you are done eating the candies.

You should be careful when taking on the Warhead Challenge. If you feel prolonged discomfort, it is best that you stop the competition.

This is pretty much everything that you need to know about the Warhead Challenge. It includes all of the different types of challenges, what you require to complete it, and there are even some examples.

Are you going to try this challenge anytime soon? If you have a friend who is curious about it, have them read this article for a better idea of what it involves.