100+ Fun Challenges To Do With Friends

Have you been searching for challenges to do with friends?

Challenges are fun viral games you can do with friends and loved ones without spending big.

Also, challenges are popular on social media, so you should make videos of any challenge you do. For example, the viral Ice Bucket challenge helped the ALS Foundation raise a lot of money for research.

Similarly, challenges like the cinnamon challenge are among the most popular YouTube challenges ever.

So, if you and your friends are bored and looking for things to do at home without spending or if you organize a sleepover and you want everyone to have fun, these challenges can be incredibly fun to do.

That is not all, If you and your friends are in a band and you need fun things to do to promote your songs, you should take these popular YouTube challenges.

Ladies, these challenges are equally great baby shower and wedding shower games. For example, you can take the popular seven-second challenge or answer fun tag questions.

Now let’s examine several fun challenges like the cinnamon challenge, and other fun challenges you can do with loved ones.

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List of Challenges to do with Friends

Challenges To Do With Friends

I have compiled a huge list of all the fun challenges to do with friends when you are bored. You will find a lot of food challenges (challenges that involve food) you can do with loved ones and other fun challenges (challenges that don’t involve food) you can do with friends.

Also, this list is divided into pages, so ensure you click the next page at the bottom of the article to view more challenges.

I am sure you will find a fun challenge to do with friends at home or in school.

Have fun!

1. 100 Layer Challenge

For this challenge, you and your friends have to put on 100 layers of something. For example, if you do a 100 layer makeup challenge, you have to choose a make-up product and apply 100 layers of it on each other. 100 Layer challenge can also be done with clothes or with fewer layers.

2. 7-second Challenge

The 7 Second challenge requires you to choose a simple task, like tying your shoes, making a sandwich, or figuring out the answer to a math equation, and challenge your friends to complete the task in 7 seconds!

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3. Accent Challenge

The accent challenge is a fun game where you and your friends take turns imitating different types of accent and voices. For example, you can imitate the Jamaican Accent, British Accent, Russian Accent, Indian Accent, and other cool accents.

4. Aim Crossbar Challenge

The Aim Crossbar challenge is an awesome soccer challenge that was popularized by Brazillian Legend, Ronaldinho. The challenge can be played in several ways, but the basic idea is to play a ball against the crossbar. You can set a time limit or a score limit. For example, each player gets 5 chances, and the player with the highest number of successful tries wins the challenge.

5. Baby Food Challenge

The baby food challenge is a fun game that requires you and your friends to take a spoonful of different kinds of baby foods without spitting it out. You are allowed to drink water but only after swallowing the baby food. You can also play it as a blindfold challenge where each person will guess what baby food they are tasting and a wrong guess will have consequences.

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6. Baking Soda and Vinegar Challenge

The Baking Soda and Vinegar challenge is a dangerous challenge that can lead to death by suffocating. It involves putting a tablespoon of baking soda and a large gulp of vinegar in your mouth at the same time and then you have to try to keep the resulting combination in your mouth for as long as you can.

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7. Banana and Sprite Challenge

The Banana and Sprite Challenge is a weird challenge that usually leads to throwing up. For the Banana and Sprite Challenge, each participant has to eat 2 bananas and quickly chug down a can of sprite without vomiting. Good luck!

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8. Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

The Bean and Chopstick Challenge is a fun game that you can play at home with your friends or at a party. In this challenge, each participant is given a bowl of beans and a chopstick. Now, each person has to use the chopstick to get the beans into an empty bowl. Whoever manages the highest number of beans using the chopsticks wins the challenge.

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9. Big Meal Challenge

The big meal challenge is an awesome food challenge you can take with friends. Although, this challenge will require you to spend a bit and you will probably have to order some food or go and get some. Also, you can take the big meal challenge alone, post it on YouTube and tag your friends to take the challenge as well.

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10. Blind Kissing Challenge

To do the blind kissing challenge; first, you and your friend should gather a bunch of items from around the house, but don’t show them to each other! Second, blindfold each other. Third, take turns holding the object up to your friend’s lips. They have to kiss the object, and then guess what it is. The results can be hilarious, so make sure to film it on your phone so that you can watch it again!

11. Blindfold Makeup Challenge

The Blindfold Makeup Challenge is a fun challenge to do with friends. For this challenge, you and your friends have to try doing each other’s makeup, but blindfolded! Make sure to take pictures and record a video of the challenge.

12. Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

The blindfold drawing challenge is a real test of artistic abilities. You and your friends can take turns blindfolding each other and giving each other simple things to draw. Start out with basic shapes, and then move on to drawing trees, clouds, or maybe even a self-portrait!

13. Blindfolded Food Tasting Challenge

The blindfold tasting challenge is a fun challenge you can do with friends. Simply, take turns putting on a Blindfold and then try to guess what you are tasting. Oreos, Baby food, and even disgusting food items can be used for the blindfold taste it challenges.

14. Blindfolded Keepie Uppie Challenge

The blindfolded keepie-uppie challenge is a cool soccer challenge that will test your football ability. The rule of the keepie-uppie challenge is to put on a blindfold and do Keepie-ups with a soccer ball. The player with the highest number wins. You should take turns doing this if you are just two. Otherwise, there will be no one doing the counting.

15. Brain Freeze Challenge

For the brain freeze challenge, you have to enter a bath filled with Ice, and you can come out when you answer a question correctly. I hope your friends are kind enough to ask simple trivia questions.

16. Bread Challenge

The bread challenge seems like a fun and easy challenge. However, that isn’t always true. Gather your friends around; Each person will attempt to eat two slices of white bread under two minutes without drinking anything. The quickest to complete the challenge wins.

17. Capri Sun Challenge

For the Caprisun challenge, the contestants will try to drink 15 Capri Suns in 15 minutes. Also, You and your friends can modify this game in several ways. For example, the first person to finish a box of Caprisun. Also, you can swap Caprisun for any drink.

18. Cereal Challenge

The cereal challenge can be played in several ways. For example, the first person finishes a whole bowl of your chosen cereal without adding any liquid in 5 minutes wins the challenge. Similarly, you can take the big cereal challenge or the cereal bath challenge as shown in the video.

19. Chapstick Challenge

The Chapstick challenge is a fun challenge that requires you and your friend to pick different flavors of chapstick, but don’t tell each other which one you choose. After putting on a thick layer, you have to kiss each other and try to taste the flavor of the chapstick.

20. Cheez-Its Challenge

You and your friends can take the fun Cheez-Its challenge. The first person to finish a bag of Cheez-Its wins the challenge. Ensure you pick the hot and spicy flavor to make this game more enjoyable.

21. Chubby Bunny Challenge

One person goes first, puts marshmallows in his/her mouth and says “Chubby Bunny” and then the next person does the same. The person who can no longer say “chubby bunny” or cannot put another marshmallow in their mouth loses the challenge. If you swallow or spit out the marshmallows – you lose.

22. Cinnamon Challenge

The cinnamon challenge is an online viral challenge that requires you to take a video of yourself eating a spoonful of cinnamon powder within 60 seconds without drinking anything. You and your friends can take the cinnamon challenge, but I advise against it because it is a dangerous challenge.

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23. Clingfilm Challenge

The Cling film challenge involves using sellotape to trap someone in a chair and the person has to try and free themselves. If you are taking this challenge with friends, the fastest person to get loose wins.

24. Cold Tub Challenge

The cold tub challenge is also called the ice bath challenge, and it involves sitting in a cold tub filled with ice to see which of your friends can last the longest without jumping out. If you have only one tub, you can take turns and use the timer to determine the winner.

25. Cold Water Challenge

The cold water challenge is like the Ice Bath Challenge, but unlike the other challenges, it is an outdoor challenge. The Cold Water Challenge requires participants to jump into a cold lake or river and ensure you dunk your head all the way under the water. If you cannot swim, don’t be tempted to take this challenge.

26. Condom Challenge

For the condom challenge, fill a condom up with water and film it being dropped on your friend’s head. The condom will burst and wrap tightly around their head, making for some pretty hilarious pictures.

27. Cook-a-meal Challenge

You and your friends can cook the same meal using the same recipe, and the person with the most delicious meal wins. Another way to play this game is to set a small budget and cook a meal within that budget.

28. Cotton Ball Challenge

For this challenge, you’ll need cotton balls, a bowl, a plate, a spoon, and a blindfold. First, wrap the blindfold around your friend’s eyes. After the putting up a blindfolded, see how many cotton balls your friend can move from a bowl into another plate. Then give it a try yourself! Whoever transfers the most cotton balls is the winner!

29. Death by Butter Challenge

The death by butter challenge is a dangerous challenge that involves swallowing a tub of butter as fast as you can. Like I said, it is a dangerous challenge that will possibly lead to vomiting, so it’s probably best you avoid it.

30. Dizzy Challenge

The dizzy challenge requires a person to spin around until they start feeling dizzy and then they have to perform a task in that dizzy mode. It is a fun thing to do with friends at home.

31. Drinking Challenge

If you are looking for drinking games to play with friends, the drinking game challenge is perfect. Like other games, you can put your spin on the drinking game. Common types of drinking games involve you and your buddies taking shots and the person who records the highest number of shots wins the challenge.

32. Duplicate Image Challenge

fun things to do with friends

This one is simple: find an old photograph or painting you like, and then try to recreate it. If you are with old friends, you can look for an old picture and recreate it. If you want to play this as a competition, you can look all recreate old pictures and post it on Instagram, the picture with the highest likes wins.

33. Eat It or Wear It Challenge

Eat it or wear it challenge is similar to the truth or dare game. You get someone to put the food item in a paper bag or box, and then label each box with a number. Each person must pick a number and then decide if they want to eat or wear the item in the box they choose. If they decide to wear it, then you get to dump it on their head!

34. Exploding Watermelon Challenge

For the exploding watermelon challenge, you and your buddies will attempt to make watermelons explode by using rubber bands. First person or first team to explode their watermelon wins.

35. Extreme Saltine Challenge

The extreme saltine challenge requires you and your friends to eat six saltine crackers in a minute. Sounds easy right? You are not allowed to drink any water or soda.

36. Fast Food Challenge

The ultimate fast food challenge is similar to the big meal challenge, except in this game, you need to fill up on fast food. You and your friends can take this challenge and the fastest to finish the food wins the challenge.

37. Flour Challenge

The flour challenge is a dangerous viral internet challenge that requires you to take a tablespoon full of flour, put in your mouth and swallow it. No drinking water or anything else.

38. Gallon Milk Challenge

The gallon milk challenge requires you and your friends to Chung a gallon of milk in less than an hour without vomiting. The first person to finish or last person to vomit wins.

39. Ghost Pepper Challenge

The ghost pepper challenge is a viral internet challenge that requires participants to eat and swallow a chili pepper that is high on the Scoville scale. Good luck getting your friends to do this crazy challenge with you.

40. Ginger Challenge

You do not want to take this challenge if you hate ginger. It is more fun to watch than do. It involves you filming yourself taking a spoon full of ground ginger and swallowing it without taking water or any drink.

41. Guess the Body Part Challenge

The Guess the Body Part Challenge requires you to blindfold your friend, and then guide their finger to some part of your body. After which they have to guess which body part they’re touching!

42. Guess That Pizza Challenge

Guess the Pizza Challenge is an easy challenge for Pizza lovers. For this challenge, you have to taste different delivery pizzas and guess which delivery pizza it is. The person with the highest guess wins. You can use a blindfold to ensure no one sees the pizza box.

43. Habanero Challenge

Participants challenge themselves on how many Habanero peppers they can eat under one minute. You should not take water or any other fluids when taking the challenge.

44. Hamburger Challenge

The hamburger challenge is a popular YouTube challenge that requires you and your friends to eat as much hamburger as they can in the shortest time.

45. High Five and Selfie Challenge

Set a period for the participants to go around giving high fives to strangers. Each player is required to take selfies while giving high-fives or get someone to record it for evidence. You can form teams and do this challenge as a team.

46. Hold a Coke Challenge

This next challenge is NSFW. The challenge is to hold a can of Coke between your breasts without dropping it! Here is a video of the challenge.

47. Hot Cheetos and Takis Challenge

The Hot Cheetos and Takis is a fun food challenge you can do with your friends at home. To do this challenge, you will each need a bag of Takis and Cheetos. Next, you have to time yourselves and see who can beat the time.

48. Hot Pepper Challenge

The challenge involves participants filming themselves eating and swallowing hot pepper without taking any fluid and posting the video on the internet.

49. Hoverboard Challenge

Challenge your friends to the hoverboard challenge by seeing how long you can stay up and who has the best hoverboard tricks.

50. Huh Challenge

Record a video, say something mean about someone followed by a high pitched “Huuuuuh!”

51. Human Dartboard Challenge

To do this challenge, draw a dartboard on yourself or your friend, and try throwing things at each other to see who can get the most points. Just be careful not to hurt each other!

52. Human Shazam Challenge

Play a part of a song, and the other person has to guess which song is playing. The person with the highest number of correct guesses wins.

53. Ice Bucket Challenge

For the ice bucket challenge, you and your friends have to film each other dumping buckets of water and ice on each other’s heads and post the film online.

54. Impression Challenge

For this challenge, you and your friend have to choose a celebrity and do your best impersonations of the chosen celebrity. Post the videos online to have people vote on who did the best job!

55. Innuendo Bingo

What does Innuendo Bingo mean? Innuendos are suggestive statements. For the Innuendo Bingo Internet Challenge, the participants have to keep water in their mouth and listen to several innuendos. Therefore, to win the innuendo bingo challenge, you to must keep your best poker face while you hold water in your mouth.

56. Internet Slang Challenge

The Internet Slang Challenge is a fun game that tests your knowledge of internet slangs. For the internet slang challenge, you and your friend will come up with a buzzer sound. When a question is asked, you make your buzzer sound and answer the question.

57. Jell-O Challenge

Be prepared to get messy! For the Jell-O challenge, you have to fill an entire bathtub full of Jell-O and see who can stay in the longest.

58. Keepie Uppie Challenge

The keepie-uppie challenge is an age long soccer challenge to determine who can juggle a ball for the longest. Each player juggles the soccer ball and the person with the highest number of keepie-ups wins.

59. Ketchup Challenge

The ketchup challenge requires the participants to gulp down a bottle of ketchup as fast as they can, the first person to finish wins the challenge.

60. Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge

I have never taken the Korean Spicy Noodle Challenge but if you have friends over and you want to watch them scream, take the Korean spicy noodle challenge. This challenge is also called the Fire Noodle Challenge, and the challenge is to eat a whole bowl of spicy ramen without stopping for water, milk or any drink at all.

61. Language Challenge

Pick a language and say a phrase in that language. The other person has to guess what language you are speaking and the meaning of the phrase you said. (Use Google Translate).

62. Lemon Challenge

The lemon challenge is a fun viral internet food challenge that requires participants to challenge each other to eat as many lemons as they can. The person who eats most lemons is the winner.

63. Mannequin Challenge

The Mannequin Challenge was the most popular viral challenge of 2016. It requires you to stand still while the camera goes round the room. The Mannequin Challenge is still a fun challenge to do if you can add a creative spin to the challenge.

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64. Marmite Challenge

The Marmite Challenge is a funny internet challenge that requires the participants to take a tablespoon full of marmite and swallow. Share the video with your friends to take up the challenge.

65. Memorize Challenge

The memory challenge is a fun game that tests your memory. You have to display some items for a short period and then take it away. The challenge is to list the items you just saw.

66. Music Cover Challenge

Select a random song, make a cover, and post it online. Ask people to vote for a winner or assign a judge to determine the winner. Better still, take a trending cover challenge such as the So Gone challenge.

67. Mustache Photo Challenge

fake mustache

Put on a fake mustache, take a selfie and post it online. The person with the highest likes by the end of the day wins.

68. No Lights Makeup

Set a period for each other to do your makeup with the lights off. The person with the least ridiculous look wins.

69. No Thumbs Challenge

The No Thumbs Challenge is a funny challenge to do with friends. It requires you and your friends to tape each other’s thumb, and then you have to complete specific tasks with taped thumbs. For example, eat with a spoon while your thumbs are taped.

70. Not My Hands Challenge

Get a big t-shirt; one person will stand behind the other person. The person in front will narrate what their arms are doing, and the person at the back has to act as the arms of the person in front when completing tasks such as eating, drinking, or putting on makeup.

71. Not My Legs Challenge

Someone is going to be the upper body, and someone is going to be the legs. Make it fun by playing your part seamlessly to make it difficult to notice they are not your legs.

72. Nutmeg Challenge

This is a soccer challenge, not the challenge where you have to swallow nutmeg spice without water under a minute. In football, nutmeg means putting the ball in between the legs of your opponent. Set a time limit, the person or the team that performs the highest amount of nutmegs wins.

73. Oreo challenge

Oreos are great and as expected the Oreo challenge is a cool challenge. You have to put on a blindfold and identify the flavor of Oreos by licking it.

74. Pajama Challenge

The Pajama Challenge requires you to wear pajamas to a place the other person selects, or both of you could pick a place to go while wearing pajamas.

75. Penny Can Challenge

The Peny Can challenge originated from the Tv Show – Cougar Town. The game can be played in several ways, but the basic rule is each time you throw a penny into a can, you earn a point.

76. Pickle Challenge

Get a jar of pickles and eat all the pickles. You can’t spit them. The first to finish wins the challenge.

77. Pizza Challenge

The Pizza Challenge is a food challenge to do with loved ones. It requires participants to put 16 mystery ingredients and draw number 8 numbers. Participants will then put the ingredients on their pizza and eat a slice of it.

78. Pop Rocks Challenge

Pop Rocks Challenge is a fun challenge where you put a bag of Pop Rocks in your mouth and then drink coke. The coke soda will explode out of your mouth.

79. Pound of Steak Challenge

The six-pound steak challenge requires a participant to eat a pound of steak in the shortest time possible without drinking water.

80. Powdered Donut Challenge

Eat as many powdered donuts as he/she can in the shortest time possible. The quickest to finish or the person that eats the highest number of doughnuts wins the challenge.

81. Rainbow Milk Challenge

Put random food colorings in the milk and drink as fast as you can. I should warn you; it usually leads to vomiting.

82. Raw Garlic Challenge

Participants eat a clove of garlic in the shortest time possible. The person who can eat the highest number wins.

83. Raw Onion Challenge

How many raw onions can you eat? That is what the onion challenge is about. You and your friends can compete on the quickest person finish the raw onion.

84. Rice Purity Test

Rice Purity Test

The Rice Purity Test is a series of questions designed by Rice University to test your Purity. Your score is determined by your answers to questions like “Have you ever had sex on a plane,” Have you held hands with the opposite sex.” You can take this test with your friends and compare scores.

85. Salt and Ice Challenge

The Salt and Ice Challenge is a cool viral challenge that involves placing salt on your arm and then ice on the salt.

86. Smoothie Challenge

The challenge participants make smoothies from 10 healthy fruits and other 10 fruits that will spoil the taste of the smoothie. Whoever finishes the smoothie in bottoms up simply wins.

87. Soy Sauce Challenge

This horror food challenge requires you and your friends to gulp soy sauce and drink it as much as you can. First to finish the challenge or the last person standing wins.

88. Stranger Challenge

cool challenges to do

Take a picture with a complete stranger. The stranger must hold up a sign that says “I don’t know this person.” You can print the sign or just get a marker and write the words on cardboard.

Take The Stranger Challenge

89. Sugar high challenge

The sugar high challenge is a simple food challenge to do with friends. It involves eating as many sweet things as possible in a specified period. You can be creative with how you do this challenge to make it more fun for you and your friends.

90. Tag Questions

Question tags or Tag questions are usually a list of questions you ask someone to know how much they know about you. For example, the boyfriend/girlfriend tag, you will ask your girlfriend questions such as “What’s my favorite color” and you will also answer questions about her.

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91. Target Challenge

The target challenge is a fun and cool challenge to do with friends. To do the target challenge, you set a spending limit such as $10. Now, everyone has to go to Target and make the best use of $10. You can swap Target with any local store, and you can set any limit.

92. Tickle Me Challenge

Ask each other questions, and anyone that gets it wrong has to be tickled by the other person for a given period.

93. Tin Can Challenge

Buy 8 cans of food; a mixture of delicious foods such as Chocolate Pudding and horrible foods such as dog food. Remove the labels and write a number on the top of each can. Write down each number on a piece of paper and put them in a container or hat so you can randomly choose a number. Draw a number from the container, Open the can that corresponds with the number. You have to eat a spoonful of whatever is in the can and guess what you just ate. 1 Point for swallowing, 2 points for a correct guess. The person with the highest points wins.

94. Toothpaste Challenge

There are different variations of the toothpaste challenge. The first one requires the players to empty a tube of toothpaste into their mouth, the person who can hold it in longest wins. The second one requires the players to use the whole tube of toothpaste as a facemask, the person who can keep it longest wins.

95. Touch My Body Challenge

The Touch My Body Challenge is a fun challenge to do with your special one. It requires one of you to put on a blindfold. The other person will put your hand on a random part of their body, and you will guess what part you are touching. Take turns doing the challenge.

96. Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Fill your mouth with water and try so hard not spit it out. The other person will try to make you laugh so that you spit out the water and lose.

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97. Vanilla Extract Challenge

For the Vanilla extract challenge, you and your friends will try gulping down as much vanilla extract as much as you can in the shortest time.

98. Warhead Challenge

What are the Warhead Challenge rules? The Warhead Challenge requires participants to eat 150 warheads within 10 minutes. Sounds easy right? Do not take water or any fluid during the challenge.

99. What’s In My Mouth/Hands challenge?

While wearing a blindfold, you try to guess what the other player put in your mouth or hand.

100. Whipped cream challenge

The whipped cream challenge requires you to gulp down a bottle of whipped cream as much as you can in the shortest time possible. The first person to finish wins the challenge.

101. Whisper Challenge

One person puts on headphones with loud music playing; the other person then says a phrase and the person wearing the headphones then has to guess what the person said.

102. Yoga Challenge

Yoga Challenge is a tough fitness challenge to do with friends. For the Yoga Challenge, you will attempt to recreate some yoga/acrobatic poses.

Now, it is your turn to do challenges with friends and loved ones. Challenges are easy to do and if you are looking for fun things to do with friends without spending any money, do a challenge video.

Also, challenges are the easiest way to go viral, so put a creative spin on an existing challenge or try coming up with creative challenges of your own. You might just start the next big internet craze!

Remember to tag your friends and record a video of whatever fun challenge you choose.

Also, be a dear and share this list of fun and easy challenges.