Banana and Sprite Challenge: Rules, Risks and Videos

The banana and sprite challenge is a traditional folklore and viral internet challenge.

The premise is that it is impossible for a person to eat a banana and drink sprite without vomiting.

Since no one likes to be told what they cannot do, the banana and sprite challenge became a viral internet challenge.

effects of banana and sprite

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How to do the Banana and Sprite Challenge

  • Eat two bananas
  • Drink a can of sprite
  • The bananas should be eaten quickly, followed by a can or bottle of sprite.
  • The last person to vomit wins the challenge.

Health Risks of the Banana and Sprite

Let us consider what happens to your body when you take the banana and Sprite challenge.

“The banana supplies the protein and the cold soft drink adds a lot of carbon dioxide to your stomach. Your stomach is quite warm – much warmer than the soda – which means the carbon dioxide becomes less soluble at the higher temperature and gas bubbles are making a very fast escape from the liquid. The banana protein coats the CO2 bubbles and makes a very stable, expanding foam in your stomach. The creation of the foam means you can’t just burp to get rid of the CO2 in your stomach, but it has to get out somehow because your stomach is only so large… so an escape is made using its only available exit – mouth.” – Kieran Kelly, Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group.

Videos of the banana and sprite challenge

I have compiled the best videos of the banana and sprite challenge, time to watch and learn.



Guava Juice


La Fenix




Banana and Sprite Deaths

Currently, no death is associated with the banana and sprite challenge. However, doing this challenge might pose other risks that could be harmful to the participant.