The Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

The beans and chopsticks challenge is a fun challenge to do with loved ones.

It is an easy challenge that can be done as a drinking game or when you are bored and in need of things to do at home with your friends.

The challenge also has several variations, you do not necessarily have to use beans.

Table of Contents

Rules of the Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

These are the rules of the challenge:

  • Pour a can of baked beans in a bowl
  • Use a chopstick to transfer one bean at a time to another bowl.
  • The person who gets the highest number of beans in the second bowl wins.

Risks of the Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

Other than a bruised ego, there is no current risk associated with this Challenge.

If the players are more than two, you can make it more fun by dividing yourself into teams.

Best Beans and Chopsticks Challenge Videos

These are funny videos of people completing the challenge. Watch, learn and do your challenge.

Angry Guys


Its Grace

Kinley & Victoria

Chucky Cheese

Deaths associated with Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

There is no death associated with the bean and Chopsticks Challenge.