7 Fun Challenges for Teens To Do On A Boring Day

Are you bored at home or just want something fun to do? Maybe you are trying to find that perfect challenge that is going to get you a larger number of hits on YouTube or Facebook? Well, look no further, these are a list of fun challenges for teens.

If you look at most of the viral challenges that you find online, a significant number of them are geared towards teenagers. Teens are daring, innovative, and always looking to have fun. This is what makes them the ideal candidates for pulling off such stunts.

So if you ever get bored at home or in school, or you just need some fun materials for your social media page, We’ve got you covered with some of the most hilarious and entertaining challenges for teenagers.

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Fun Challenges for Teens

Challenges for teens

The following are fun challenges for teenagers to do either at home or in school – Have a good time and ensure your safety when taking any of these challenges.

7. Internet Slang Challenge

The internet is responsible for many different phenomena including slang. Internet slang changes so often that it can be difficult to keep up with. Also, a lot of the terms don’t always make much sense! Well, this challenge puts your knowledge (and your guessing ability) to the test. All you need is the internet, a couple of friends, and a ‘buzzer’ noise of your choosing. Get one of your friends to create a list of internet slang, terms, or phrases. Then, it is up to you and another friend to answer these questions. If you know the answer, make your personalized noise to indicate that you want a turn. See how these guys manage it here:


What You Need for the Internet Slang Challenge:

  • Internet Connection
  • A couple of friends

6. Fast Food Challenge

If you have spent most of your teen years hunting for snacks, you are going to love this challenge. It essentially gives you the freedom to eat as much junk food as you can manage. It is up to you whether you want to try this on your own or want to get your friends involved. A good place to start is to set a budget for yourself. Around $20 should be more than enough, depending on where you are getting the food from. If you want to make it more challenging, try ordering from the value menu at fast food restaurants! The next part is simple – get as much fast food as you can for your budget. Then it just a matter of trying to finish it all. You are going to find that it is easier said than done. Can you beat this guy:

What You Need for the fast food challenge:

  • $20
  • Fast food outlets

5. 100 Pieces of Gum Challenge

Are you ever without a pack of your favorite gum? Well, it’s now time to put all of that chewing practice to good use. You can challenge yourself or try to see if one of your friends can beat you at this game. You don’t have to stick to the rule of 100 pieces – you get to choose what the ultimate number is. Anyways, you get to start off with chewing on just one stick of gum. However, you need to slowly add to the wad. The goal here is to find out just how big a wad of gum you can fit inside your mouth and still manage to chew. This contestant shows that it might be a little harder than you could have anticipated:

What You Need for the 100 Pieces of Gum Challenge:

  • 100 pieces of gum

4. Say Anything Challenge

Feel like you’ve got a comeback for everything? Let’s put that talent to the test with the Say Anything Challenge. The Say Anything Challenge is a silly challenge, and the only thing that you need to complete it is a friend, a quick thought process, and tape. Either you or your friend can start the challenge by saying a word – any word. The other person has to follow it up with any word; there doesn’t have to be any relevance to the first word at all. There are only two rules to this game. The first is that you can’t wait too long after one person has said their word to respond with another. The second rule is that you cannot repeat words that either you or your friend has already said. If you break these rules, the other person gets to place a piece of tape anywhere on your face. See how it’s done here:

What You Need for the Say Anything Challenge:

3. Chubby Bunny Challenge

You’re going to need a lot of self-control as well as excellent speaking skills for this challenge. You and a partner are going to need a bowl full of marshmallows. You are going to start off with placing just one marshmallow in your mouth and saying the words, “chubby bunny.” You then need to put more marshmallows in your mouth, one by one. Each time that you do this, you need to repeat “chubby bunny.” The game ends when a marshmallow falls out, you can’t fit another marshmallow in, or one of you can’t say the magic words. See how these girls fare with this challenge:

What You Need for the Chubby Bunny Challenge:

2. The Language Challenge

Every tried to sing along to the Spanish part of a Pitbull song and failed miserably? Well, it’s only going to get funnier with this challenge. Here, you and your friend have to create a list of words or phrases for each other. The catch here, however, is that it is in another language. Also, the other person has no idea what that language is. It is up to each of you to not only guess the language but also figure out what that word means. If you want to make things a little easier for you, you can use Google Translate. Here is an example of the challenge although you don’t need to punish each other quite so harshly…

What You Need for the Language Challenge:

  • The internet

1. Baby Food Challenge

If you have ever seen baby food, you know that it looks like indistinguishable mush. In this challenge, you are going to need some serious taste bud skills to help you figure out just what is in this goop. Have someone get different types of baby food for you. The labels will need to be removed from the bottles before they are placed in front of you. You will then need to take a bite of the food and try to determine what it is supposed to be. Of course, the real challenge here is not to throw up as you do so. See how this fun contestant manages:


What You Need for the Baby Food Challenge:

Well, these are just some of the fun challenges you can try out either on your own or with some friends. If you liked this list, don’t hesitate to share it with all of your friends!