50+ Foods Beginning with Z

Are you looking for a comprehensive list of foods beginning with the letter Z?

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We’ve put together an extensive list of foods, fruits, popular desserts and edibles that start with the letter Z, so whether you’re putting together a cookbook, a research work/report or just out of curiosity, here’s our list of foods as well as some useful descriptions to guide you.


Foods Beginning with Z

In this category, we’ve compiled some of the most well-known foods that are widely available and popularly eaten in different parts of the world. This also includes desserts, delicious snacks and other kinds of edibles. Here are popular foods that begin with the letter Z:

  1. Za’atar: A mid-eastern spice blend consisting of thyme, sesame seeds, and salt, which is then served with flatbread.
  2. Zabaione/Zabaglione: A delicious and fluffy Italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar, salt, and wine.
  3. Zagnut: A delicious candy bar popular in America.
  4. Zalzalak: A yellowish pink fruit with red blush, filled with antioxidants.
  5. Zampone: An Italian delicacy that consists mostly of dried and spicy ground pork.
  6. Zamurito: A species of catfish.
  7. Zander: A species of fish popular in West Eurasia (Europe and the Middle East).
  8. Zanzibar barb: A species of fish found in East Africa.
  9. Zanzibar Sesame Bread: A kind of flavorful, pan-fried flatbread with sesame seeds.
  10. Zapote: A small round fruit with a delicious aroma.
  11. Zapples: A low-calorie snack consisting of crispy apple chips, organic sugar, and spices.
  12. Zarzuela/Zarzuela de Mariscos: A seafood stew primarily made from fish such as mussels, clams or shrimps.
  13. Zatar: A flavorful Middle Eastern Spice blend.
  14. Zea Mays: The botanical name for corn/maize.
  15. Zebra Cake: A delicious chocolate and vanilla cake.
  16. Zebra Fish: A freshwater fish native to South Asia.
  17. Zebra Steak
  18. Zebra-Striped Donuts: A donut dessert with dark and white chocolate cream.
  19. Zeppole: An Italian pastry of golden, crispy deep-fried dough ball.
  20. Zeppoli/Zeppole: A kind of Italian cookie.
  21. Zerde: A bright-yellow Turkish dessert that contains sweet pudding from rice.
  22. Zereshk Polo: A festival rice popularly served in Iran.
  23. Zest: The edible outer part of citrus fruits used to give flavor to foods.
  24. Zesta Saltines: A kind of saltine crackers.
  25. Zhe: A bright-colored fruit commonly grown in East Asia.
  26. Zigeuner Salat: A kind of salad usually served with French dressing.
  27. Zigeunerschnitzel: A German delicacy that consists of thin bread and pan-fried veal, pork, or chicken cutlet.
  28. ZigZag Fruit: A soft, delicious bright-yellow fruit commonly grown in rainforests.
  29. Zimtsterne: A kind of German cookie.
  30. Zin/Zinfandel: A kind of black-skinned grape commonly used to make wine.
  31. Zingel: A type of fish usually found in Europe.
  32. Zinger Burger: A deep-fried chicken fillet burger most popular in America.
  33. Zingers: A soft, moist and sugary snack cake popular in America.
  34. Zinnias: Bright edible flowers that can be eaten raw or cooked.
  35. Ziti Fritta: A variant of the regular Ziti Pasta, but stuffed cheeses and lightly fried.
  36. Ziti: An extruded pasta with smooth sides popular in Italy.
  37. Zizania: A species of wild rice.
  38. Ziziphus: A tropical juicy fruit with a pleasant aroma popular in South-East Asia.
  39. Zoni: A Japanese soup that contains rice/rice cakes.
  40. Zoodles: Another word for Zucchini noodles.
  41. Zopf: A kind of Swiss bread.
  42. Zrazy: A meat delicacy popular in Eastern Europe.
  43. Zucchini
  44. Zucchini Bread
  45. Zucchini Cupcakes
  46. Zucchini Dal Tadka: A spicy Indian delicacy.
  47. Zucchini Parmesan Crisps: A crispy meal made from Zucchini.
  48. Zuccotto: A semi-frozen Italian dessert made with alchermes, cake, and ice-cream.
  49. Zuppa: A delicious Italian delicacy usually made with clams or mussels.
  50. Zwetschge: A rich and sweet plum.
  51. Zwetschge: An oval-shaped plum fruit with a sweet taste.
  52. Zwieback: A crisp sweetened baked bread made with eggs.

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