50+ Foods Beginning With Y

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We’ve written a detailed article containing foods, desserts, fruits as well as other kinds of edibles that start with the letter Y.

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Foods Beginning With Y

Here, we’ve put together a detailed list of some of the most popular foods/delicacies that are cooked and savored in different countries. We’ve also yummy desserts, popular snacks, and widely eaten edibles. Here are popular foods that begin with the letter Y:

  1. Yamarita: Plain boiled yam usually covered with eggs, ginger, garlic, and salt.
  2. Yogurt Cake: A delicious cake made with Yogurt instead of cream.
  3. Yellow Apple
  4. Yeast Cake
  5. Yankee Pot Roast: A rich, thick broth that consists mostly of beef, carrot, onion, and potato.
  6. Yellowfin Tuna: A species of Tuna fish usually found in tropical oceans.
  7. Yam Pudding
  8. Young Coconut Jelly: A clear and chewy jelly-like food obtained from the fermentation of coconut water.
  9. Yellow Passion Fruit
  10. Yardlong Beans: Dark-green beans with a chewy and firm taste.
  11. Yogurt Cheese: Thick, strained Yogurt that comes out with the consistency of spreadable cream cheese.
  12. Yam Pockets: Mashed boiled yam stuffed with fillings such as beef, pepper, garlic, and onion.
  13. Young Coconut Cream Pie
  14. Yam Fritters: Blended boiled yam which is deep-fried with nutritious spices and can be served as a snack or finger food.
  15. Yogurt Chicken: A delicious dish made by marinating Chicken with the primary ingredient being Yogurt.
  16. Yam Gizdodo: A delicacy consisting of peppered yam, gizzard, and fried plantain (also called “dodo”).
  17. Yogurt Kebab: A dish containing grilled chicken kebab marinated in tangy Greek Yogurt with lemon and other spices.
  18. Young Coconut Meat: Highly nutritious and jelly-like flesh of green coconuts gotten from the coconut palm tree.
  19. Yellow Eye Bean: A mildly sweet type of bean with an Ivory color and an earthy flavor.
  20. Yogurt Lamb Chops: Spicy and well-grilled lamb chops that are marinated with Yogurt.
  21. Yellowtail Sushi Roll: A delicious Japanese delicacy of spicy sushi rolls.
  22. Yellow Finn Potatoes: A species of potato with golden-yellow skin and a delicious taste.
  23.  Yogurt Muffins
  24. Yam Rice: A tasty combination of diced yam and rice.
  25. Yellow Plum
  26. Young Coconut Rice: A delicious stir-fried rice delicacy made with slices of young coconut.
  27. Yellow Wax Beans: A pale-colored stringless pod with sweet flavors that can be eaten raw in salads or cooked.
  28. Yodels: A delicious and frosted cream-filled devil’s food cake.
  29. Yellow Zucchini Soup
  30. Yellow Tomato Sauce
  31. Yorkshire Teacake: Fruit-filled tea-cakes popularly eaten in England.
  32. Yam Peppersoup: A warm and delicious comfort food rich in spices and popular in Africa.
  33. Yogurt Cheese Balls: A tasty dish of cheese balls marinated in Greek yogurt, spices, and olive oil.
  34. Yolk Cookies: Rich-flavored cookies made with egg yolks.
  35. Yogurt Soup: A soup dish made from Yogurt, flour, eggs, and other rich spices.
  36. Yukon Gold Potatoes: A species of potato with smooth skin and yellowish flesh.
  37. Yellow Mombin: A bright-colored fruit eaten around the world and used in the production of tropical drinks.
  38. Yellow Pepper
  39. Yorkshire pudding: A versatile English dish made from baked batter that contains flour, eggs, and milk.
  40. Yellow Beet
  41. Yak Jerky: Delicious and nutritious smoked beef.
  42. Yumberry: A berry native to Eastern Asia with a sweet taste and a crimson or dark purple-red color.
  43. Yabby: A small crayfish popularly found in Australia.
  44. Yiessas: A moist, sweet, and rich fruit with yellow or orange skin.
  45. Yunnan Hackberry: Edible and nutritious sweet-tasting berries.
  46. Yellow Watermelon
  47. Yokan: A Japanese-originated red bean jelly dessert.
  48. Yoginanas: A delicious and healthy dessert made from crushed flakes, Yogurt, and bananas.
  49. Yuca: Another name for cassava, a vegetable that can be fried, boiled, or mashed.
  50. Yuzu: A yellow-green citrus fruit that originates from Japan.
  51. Yakitori: A Japanese delicacy of grilled skewered Chicken, sometimes served with vegetables, livers, or nuts.
  52. Yautia: Another name for sweet potatoes.
  53. Youngberry: A fruit from the blackberry family eaten raw or used for the production of jams, pie fillings, and fruit sauces.
  54. Ya Pear/ Yali Pear: A highly nutritious pear common in China and Asia.
  55. Yiros: A Greek dish made with vegetables, meat, sauce, and wrapped in pita bread.

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