120+ Foods Beginning With B

Have you been trying to find an extensive list of foods beginning with b?

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Whether it’s for a challenge, project, a cookbook, out of sheer curiosity or an insane love for food/cuisines, here’s our compilation of different kinds of food that start with the letter B, as well as helpful descriptions to guide you.

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Foods Beginning With B

Some foods are naturally more popular than others, usually because of its availability that cuts across different countries and cultures, as well as how different parts of the world eat and enjoy it. Here are some of the most popular foods/dishes that begin with the letter B:

  1. Ba Bao Fan: A moist and sticky glutinous rice pudding usually served with fruits, nuts or seeds.
  2. Baba Au Rum: A small yeast cake popularly eaten in France.
  3. Baba Ganoush: An appetizer made from mashed eggplant, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, and seasonings.
  4. Babaco: A seedless fruit with smooth skin that tastes similar to papaya and kiwi.
  5. Babka: A yeast dough baked in a pan and filled with cinnamon or chocolate.
  6. Baby Back Ribs: Pork ribs sliced into pieces and smoked, grilled or baked.
  7. Bacon
  8. Bacuri: A Brazilian fruit with a yellow-brown skin similar to round papaya.
  9. Bael: A sweet fruit popular among Indians and Southeast Asians.
  10. Bagel
  11. Baguette
  12. Baked Alaska: A dessert consisting of sponge cake covered with ice cream and egg whites.
  13. Baked Ziti: A classic Italian American comfort food primarily made with pasta, sausage, tomato sauce.
  14. Baklava: A pastry usually filled with chopped walnuts, cinnamon, sugar, butter, and honey syrup.
  15. Bakula: An oval-shaped fruit popularly grown in India.
  16. Balsamic Chicken
  17. Balsamic Vinegar: An aged reduction consisting of white sweet grapes that is boiled to syrup.
  18. Balut: Boiled duck egg, popular among the Philippines.
  19. Banana
  20. Banana Bread
  21. Banana Cream Pie
  22. Banana Muffin
  23. Banana Pudding
  24. Banana Split
  25. Bananas Foster: A dish made of bananas, rum, and vanilla ice-cream.
  26. Banh Mi: A kind of sandwich made in Vietnamese.
  27. Baobab: A large and nutritious fruit with citrus flavor.
  28. Baozi: A bun or bread-like dumpling popular among the Chinese.
  29. Barbadine: A large and exotic fruit commonly grown on islands.
  30. Barbecue
  31. Barley Soup
  32. Barley Soup
  33. Barramundi: An Asian sea bass fish.
  34. Basmati Rice
  35. Bass: A fish rich in protein and vitamins.
  36. Batuan: A hard green fruit with a tomato-like shape usually grown in rainforests.
  37. Bavarian cream: A dessert made from custard sauce or sweetened fruit puree, with gelatin and whipped cream.
  38. Baygrape: A tropical, sweet-tasting and highly nutritious grapefruit.
  39. Beach Plum: A rare fruit that resembles miniature plums with a bitter and acidic skin but a delicious flavor on the inside.
  40. Beans
  41. Bearberry: Bright red berries with a sour, bitter or bland taste.
  42. Beautyberries: A fruit with a grape-like taste popularly grown in America.
  43. Bechamel Sauce: A smooth white sauce made with flour, milk, and butter.
  44. Beef
  45. Beef jerky
  46. Beef Stroganoff: A meal of sliced beef onions and sliced mushrooms.
  47. Beef Wellington: A meal made of beef, liver pate, and sliced mushrooms.
  48. Beets: A highly nutritious root vegetable.
  49. Begun Bhaja: Fried eggplant, popularly eaten in India.
  50. Beignets: A French pastry which is puffy, deep-fried with sprinkles of sugar.
  51. Belimbing: A peculiar tropical fruit with a sweet and sour flavor.
  52. Bell Pepper
  53. Belle-Helene: A French dessert made with cold poached pears, vanilla cream, and chocolate sauce.
  54. Bibimbap: A Korean rice dish.
  55. Bilberry: A small, nutrient-rich fruit closely related to blueberries.
  56. Biryani: A mixed rice dish popular in India.
  57. Biscuits
  58. Bitter Lemon
  59. Black Apple: A rare and highly aromatic apple with dark skin that is usually grown in Australia.
  60. Black Cherry
  61. Black Eyed Bean/Pea
  62. Black Licorice
  63. Black Limes
  64. Black mulberry: Large and dark-colored juicy berries.
  65. Black Pudding: A dish made from congealed pig’s or cow’s blood, flavored with spices and mixed with oatmeal or breadcrumbs.
  66. Black Raspberry
  67. Black Rice
  68. Black Sapote: A tropical fruit with a rich texture and a taste similar to chocolate pudding.
  69. Black Walnut
  70. Blackberries
  71. Blackcurrant
  72. Blini: Russian pancakes made from yeast and buckwheat flour.
  73. Blintz: A medium or small-sized, pan-fried batter-cake with fillings.
  74. Blood Orange: A variety of orange with “blood-colored” flesh.
  75. Blue Cheese
  76. Blue Crab: A variety of shellfish with bright blue claws and an olive-green shell.
  77. Blue Eye Trevalla/Blue Eye Cod: A popular fish with a firm, moist and delicious white flesh.
  78. Blueberries
  79. Bocconcini: An Italian delicacy of small round balls of cheese made from cow’s milk.
  80. Bok Choy: A Chinese cabbage that can be eaten cooked or raw.
  81. Bologna: Sausage made with meat, fat, salt and spices.
  82. Bonito Flakes
  83. Borlotti Beans: A dish popular among Italians.
  84. Borscht: A beef soup popular in Ukraine.
  85. Boston Cream Pie
  86. Bottarga: A dish consisting of salted cured fish roe popular around the Mediterranean.
  87. Boudin blanc: A Cajun sausage that is stuffed with pork and rice.
  88. Bouillabaisse: A French dish mostly made with fish.
  89. Bourbon Chicken
  90. Boysenberry: A red fruit that closely resembles a blackberry.
  91. Bran
  92. Branzino: A Mediterranean fish with white flesh and a sweet flavor.
  93. Bratwurst A popular German sausage
  94. Braunschweiger: A smoked, soft and spreadable sausage made from raw minced pork and spices, popularly eaten by Germans.
  95. Brazil Nut
  96. Brazilian Guava: A rare and tropical specie of the guava fruit.
  97. Breadfruit
  98. Breadsticks
  99. Brie: Brie is a soft cows milk cheese named after Brie, the French region from which it originated.
  100. Brioche: A French pastry that contains a high amount of egg and butter.
  101. Brisket
  102. Broccoli
  103. Broiled Steak
  104. Brown rice
  105. Brownies
  106. Bruschetta: A traditional Italian garlic bread.
  107. Brush Cherry: Exotic berries with a pleasantly sour taste.
  108. Brussels Sprouts
  109. Buckwheat: A highly nutritious whole grain.
  110. Buddha’s hand: A peculiar-shaped citron variety segmented into finger-like sections, and completely juice-free.
  111. Buffalo Chicken Dip
  112. Buffalo Wings
  113. Buffaloberry: A stone fruit/drupe that is usually red in color.
  114. Buffalos Mozzarella: Cheese made out of milk from water buffaloes.
  115. Bulgogi: A Korean dish consisting mainly of beef.
  116. Bulgogi: A Korean dish of marinated beef or pork slices which is usually grilled or stir-fried.
  117. Buns
  118. Burger
  119. Burgoo: A spicy stew that originates from Kentucky.
  120. Burmese Grape: A bright, egg-shaped fruit popular in India.
  121. Burrito
  122. Bush Tomato Soup
  123. Butter
  124. Butter Beans: Large and flat-looking beans that are usually pale yellow to white in color.
  125. Butter Naan: An oven-baked flatbread made from flour, dry yeast, salt, and water.
  126. Buttermilk
  127. Butternut Lettuce: A tender and mild vegetable with sweet inner leaves.
  128. Butternut Pumpkin/Butternut Squash: A nutty winter squash that grows on a vine with a sweet taste similar to pumpkins.
  129. Button Mangosteen: A rare fruit with unusual sweet-sour flavored pulp.

Are there other foods that begin with the letter B that we didn’t include in our list?

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