50+ Foods Beginning With D 

If you are asked to list different foods beginning with D, do you think you can?

Not to worry, we have compiled a list of different foods starting with D. Also, we have categorized them to make it a lot easier for you to read them.

Here are foods starting with D and their descriptions:

Table of Contents

Popular Foods Beginning With D

These popular foods starting with D are well known by many, so it is no surprise that they come first. Here are some popular foods starting with D.

  1. Daim: A Swedish chocolate bar made from crunchy almond caramel covered in milk chocolate.
  2. Dairy
  3. Dagwood sandwich: A thick sandwich with a variety of different fillings.
  4. Dandelions 
  5. Dark chocolate
  6. Debbie Cakes: Cookie and cake-based snacks.
  7. Decaf: A coffee with no caffeine in it.
  8. Demitasse: A strong black coffee without cream or milk.
  9. Deli Sandwiches 
  10. Devil’s Food cake: A rich chocolate cake
  11. Diet coke
  12. Dill: A vegetable used as an herb in flavoring food.
  13. Divinity: A candy made with egg whites, corn syrup, and nuts.
  14. Dodger: Small oval-shaped cake of cornbread.
  15. Doritos 
  16. Dough
  17. Doughnuts 
  18. Dowdy: An apple dessert covered with rich crust.
  19. Dragee: Candy beads used to decorate a cake.
  20. Dreamsicles: Vanilla ice cream pops coated in orange sherbets
  21. Drumsticks   
  22. Duck meat 
  23. Dumplings 
  24. Dump cake: A cake made by combining a shop-bought cake.

Fruits Foods Beginning With D

Many fruits we consume are spelled with the letter D as their first letter. Here are some of them:

  1. Damson: A kind of plum grown in the Mediterranean region.
  2. Date 
  3. Dewberry: A sweet-tasting fruit whose leaves are used in making herbal tea.
  4. Dragon Fruit: An exotic fruit, grown in parts of Central America, South America, and Asia.
  5. Durian: A big fruit with a strong smell that resembles a coconut.

African Foods Beginning With D

African foods are traditional to the African continent and are often specific to different countries in it. This list contains some African foods starting with D:

  1. Delele: Okra prepared with baking soda.
  2. Draw soup: A soup made with okra or pumpkin seeds, also called ogbono.
  3. Droewors: A meal of dried beef sausage.
  4. Duqqa: A dip of herbs and spices used with bread or as an hors d’oeuvre.

Caribbean Foods Beginning With D

Caribbean foods are dishes native to the Caribbean Islands and its regional coasts. There are quite a number of Caribbean foods that begin with the letter D, and here are some of them:

  1. Daquiri: A group of cocktails prepared with rum, fresh lime juice, and sugar as the key ingredients.
  2. Diriakpwa: A Haitian dish of rice and beans.
  3. Doubles: A sandwich that consists of two fried flatbreads filled with curried chickpeas.
  4. Duff: A dessert dish comprised of dough filled fruits such as guava and topped with a sweet buttery sauce.

Continental Foods Beginning With D

By continental cuisine, we mean dishes native to parts of Europe. Here are some European meals starting with D:

  1. Dauphinois potatoes: A French dish of sliced potatoes baked in milk or cream.
  2. Dijon mustard: A mustard made with brown mustard seeds, white wine, and water.
  3. Ditalini: A type of pasta shaped like small tubes, often called salad macaroni.
  4. Drambuie: A sweet Scottish liqueur.

Indian Foods Beginning With D

Indian cuisine includes a wide range of meals native to India. These Indian foods are often well spiced with a lot of flavors. Here are some Indian foods starting with D:

  1. Dahi Kebab: Vegetarian kebab made with hung curd, paneer flour, and other spice powders.
  2. DaalGosht: A meal of tenderly cooked lamb and lentils.
  3. Dalna: Lentil cakes deep-fried in curry with a tomato base and flavored ginger, coriander, and cumin.
  4. Darjeeling: A variety of black teas found in Northern India.
  5. Dilkush: A round bun stuffed with sweet coconut and candied filling serves in triangular slices.
  6. Dhokar: A meal of fermented batter derived from rice and split chicken.
  7. Dosa: A pancake made with rice flour and ground pulses.
  8. Dum Aloo: Spiced potatoes cooked on low heat in a heavy bottom, pan and sealed with dough.

Mexican Foods Beginning With D

Mexican foods refer to the cuisine of many Latin American countries. These Mexican foods are spicy and flavorful. Here are some Mexican foods starting with D:

  1. Dulce de leche: A confection of slowly heated sweetened milk.

Oriental Foods Beginning With D

This list contains some Asian foods from the Far East region. These foods are part of the oriental cuisine and often served in many Asian restaurants. Here are some oriental foods starting with D:

  1. Daikon: A type of white radish popular in Japan and China.
  2. Dandan noodles: A noodle dish served with a spicy sauce of preserved vegetables, chili, minced pork, and scallions.
  3. Dashi: A fish stock that forms the base for many soups in Japanese cuisine.
  4. Dim sum: Small bite-size portions of food served in small steamer plates or on a small pate.

Mediterranean Foods Beginning With D

Mediterranean cuisines are foods from countries around the Mediterranean Sea. These foods include dishes from some European countries, North African countries, and Middle Eastern countries. Here are some Mediterranean foods starting with D:

  1. Daoud Bacha: Meatballs with tomato sauce.
  2. DjajMechwi: Grilled chicken on bbq marinated with a garlic lemon sauce.
  3. Dolma: A dish stuffed with vegetables or meat.
  4. Doner Kebab: A type of kebab, made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie.
  5. Douma: Cooked yogurt and lamb with rice.

Do you know any more foods starting with D that is not on our list, leave us a comment so we can update our list?