70+ Foods Beginning With K

Did someone challenge you to list foods that begin with the letter K? In this article, we have compiled a list of Foods Beginning with K.

We included descriptions when necessary and categorized the foods that start with letter K based on their regions.

Table of Contents

Popular Foods Beginning With K 

This list contains popular foods spelled with K as their first letter:

  1. Kale 
  2. Kedgeree: A dish or rice, cooked fish, and hard-boiled eggs.
  3. Kelp 
  4. Ketchup 
  5. Kidney bean
  6. Kingfish 
  7. Knackwurst: A term used for thick, highly seasoned sausage.
  8. Kipper: A name used for smoked or salted herring fish.
  9. Kitkat 
  10. Kohlrabi: A cabbage with a swollen edible stem.
  11. Kuka: A leafy vegetable used in cooking native to parts of Africa and Asia.
  12. Kurrat: A vegetable used in cooking.

Fruits Beginning With K

Here are some fruits spelled with K as their first letter:

  1. Kabosu: A hybrid citrus fruit similar to a lime.
  2. Kahikatea: A sweet berry fruit.
  3. Kaki: The Asian variety of persimmon.
  4. Kalyna: Also known as highbush cranberry.
  5. Kantola: A spiky gourd from India cooked with spiced and eaten as a vegetable.
  6. Kenponashi: A Japanese fruit that resembles a raisin when dried.
  7. Kiwano: A sweet tropical fruit, also known as a horned melon.
  8. Kiwifruit: A furry brown fruit.
  9. KumquatAn edible fruit similar to citrus but smaller. 
  10. Kwaimuk: A soft, red-orange pulp and tart similar to jackfruit.

African Foods Beginning With K

There are many African foods native to parts of the continent; this list contains African foods starting with K:

  1. Kamchumbari: An East African dish of fresh tomato and onion salad.
  2. Kedjeonu: A spicy stew of chicken or guinea hen and vegetables slowly cooked in a sealed Canari over fire or coals
  3. Kelewele: Fried plantains seasoned with spices.
  4. Kenkey: Sourdough dumpling served with stew, soup, or sauce.
  5. Kitcha: A thin unleavened bread cooked until slightly burned.
  6. Kitfo: Raw beef marinated in a chili powder-based spice blend (mitmita) and niter kibbeh.
  7. Koeksister: A South African syrup coated doughnut in a twisted shape.
  8. Koki: A dish of steamed black-eyed peas with red palm oil and hot peppers.
  9. Konkonte: A dish of dried, pounded manioc root.
  10. Kuli-kuli: A popular West African snack made from peanuts
  11. Kushari: A dish of rice, lentils, chickpeas, and macaroni covered with tomato sauce and fried onions.

Caribbean Foods Beginning With K

Caribbean cuisines are a mix of foods from Africa, the Caribbean Islands, and other countries. Here are some Caribbean foods starting with K:

  1. Kasiri: An alcoholic beverage made from Cassava
  2. Kuchela: A hot relish made from the pulp of unripe mangos.
  3. Kenkey: A dumping made with cornmeal, plantain, green banana or cassava wrapped in banana leaves.
  4. Keshiyena: A round ball of cheese stuffed with spiced meat served baked or steamed.

Continental Foods Beginning With K

By Continental foods, we mean foods native to parts of Europe and other western nations. Here are some continental meals starting with K:

  1. Kapsuniak: Cabbage/sauerkraut soup.
  2. Kartiflanka: A Polish potato soup.
  3. Kig ha farz: Boiled pork dinner with buckwheat dumplings.
  4. Kippers: An English dish of smoked split herrings.
  5. Kiszczonka: A traditional Polish cuisine of black pudding, flour, and milk.
  6. Knack: A traditional Swedish toffee prepared at Christmas.
  7. Kouglof: A traditional brioche cake with almonds baked in a special bell mold.
  8. Kouignamann: Galette made flaky with lots of butter.
  9. Krupnik: Barley soup with chicken, beef, carrots, or vegetable broth.

Mexican Foods Beginning With K 

Mexican foods are cuisines, dishes, and ingredients traditional to different parts of Latin America and generally regarded as Mexican cuisine. Here are some popular Mexican foods starting with K:

  1. Jalapeno: A Mexican spicy pepper
  2. Jicama: The white-fleshed edible tuber of the yam bean used in Mexican cooking.
  3. Jocoque: A Mexican dish of fermented milk.

 Oriental Foods Beginning With K

Oriental foods are easily described as Asian foods and ingredients, served both at home and abroad. Here are some Asian foods starting with K:

  1. Kai kouxiao: A Chinese dessert of fried sesame eggs.
  2. Kamameshi: A Japanese dish of rice topped with vegetables and chicken or seafood baked in an individual-sized pot.
  3. Katsuson: Donburi topped with a deep-fried breaded cutlet of pork and chicken.
  4. Katemeshi: A dish of rice, barley, millet, and chopped daikon radish.
  5. Komatsuna: Japanese mustard spinach.
  6. Kombu: A brown seaweed used as a base for stock in Japanese cooking.
  7. KimchiKorean radish fermented in a brine of ginger, garlic, green onion, and chili pepper.
  8. Kimchi jjigae: A Korean soup made with kimchi, pork, and tofu.
  9. Kongbiji jjigae: A stew made with ground soybeans.
  10. Kongnamul: A Korean dish of soybean sprouts eaten in boiled and seasoned banchan.

Indian Foods Beginning With K

Different parts of India have their traditional meals, all of which are generally referred to as Indian foods. Here are some Indian foods starting with K:

  1. Kachori: A spicy Indian snack made with gram flour and moong dal.
  2. Kadai paneer: Paneer and green peppers in tomato gravy.
  3. Kadhipadoka: Gram flour with yogurt into gram flour fried balls.
  4. Karela bharta: Bitter melon.
  5. Katha meetha: Pumpkin cooked in spices.
  6. Kawah: A traditional green tea in India.
  7. Kanji: A fermented drink of eater black carrots, mustard seeds, and heeng.
  8. Kheer: Rice cooked with milk and dry fruits.
  9. Khichdi: A sautéed dish of rice cooked with daal and veggies.
  10. Kulfi: Traditional Indian ice cream.

Mediterranean Foods Beginning With K 

Mediterranean cuisine refers to the foods, ingredients, and cooking methods used by people of the Mediterranean Basin region. This list contains Mediterranean foods starting with K:

  1. Kebab: A wide variety of grilled or barbecued meat dishes often skewered.

We hope you have enjoyed this list of foods starting with K. Let us know your thoughts on this list as well as other foods starting with K by leaving a comment.