50+ Foods Beginning With L

Did someone ask you to list foods that begin with the letter L? In this article, we have listed various foods beginning with L and their descriptions.

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Popular Foods Beginning With L 

These are some popular foods starting with L:

  1. Ladyfinger
  2. Lamb
  3. Lard
  4. Langouste: An edible marine crustacean used in cooking.
  5. Latke: A dish made of potatoes, eggs, and a little flour
  6. Latte
  7. Leek
  8. Lemonade
  9. Lemon Meringue pie: A dessert pie made of shortcrust pastry, lemon custard filling, and fluffy meringue topping.
  10. Licorice 
  11. Lima beans: A legume with edible seeds used in cooking.
  12. Limpa: Rye bread made with brown sugar or molasses.
  13. Limeade: A sweetened beverage of water and lime juice.
  14. Liederkranz: A soft cheese that has a strong odor and taste.
  15. Lobster
  16. Loin
  17. Lollipop

Fruits Beginning With L

This list contains fruits starting with L as their first letter:

  1. Lady apple: A reddish-green skin and a sturdy flesh fruits, also known as wax apple native to France.
  2. Lanseh: A yellow, berry-like fruit found in east India.
  3. Lakoocha: Also known as monkey fruit, a yellow fruit with edible pulp.
  4. Leechee: A Chinese fruit that has a thin, brittle shell that encloses a seed and jelly-like pulp.
  5. Lemon 
  6. Lime
  7. Limeberry: A citrus fruit with a lime-like flavor.
  8. Limequat: A breed between key lime and the kumquat.
  9. Lingonberry: An edible fruit picked in the wild and often served to accompany dishes.
  10. Loganberry: A large, red variety of dewberries.
  11. Longan: A small tan fruit from Southeast Asia with a hard shell and rich, delicious sweetness.
  12. Loquat: A yellow like fruit with a sweet acidic taste often used to make jams, jellies, and chutneys.
  13. Lychee: A red heart-shaped fruit with a delicate whiteish pulp.

African Foods Beginning With L 

This list contains African foods from countries in Africa spelled with the L as their first letter:

  1. Lablabi: A Tunisian dish of chickpeas in a clove of thin garlic and cumin-flavored soup, served over small pieces of stale crusty bread.
  2. Lahoh: A spongy pancake-like bread made with plain flour and self-rising flour.
  3. Lamington: A sponge cake dipped in chocolate-syrup and desiccated coconut.

Caribbean Foods Beginning With L 

Here are some Caribbean foods from the Caribbean Islands and its surroundings spelled with L as their first letter:

  1. La bandera Dominican: A Dominican dish of stewed beans, white rice, and stewed or roasted meat.
  2. Laboyi bannann: A Haitian dish of plantain porridge.
  3. LabouyiBle: Whole wheat grain porridge.
  4. Lechon: Roasted baby piglet.
  5. Limber: A Puerto Rican dessert dish of milk, egg, and coconut cream base with added fruit flavors and spices.
  6. Legim: A popular Haitian dish of mixed vegetables such as cabbage, eggplant, watercress, green beans, chayote squash, and carrots cooked with meat and then mashed together.
  7. Locrio: A Dominican dish of rice cooked in tomato sauce and meat, which could be chicken, pork, rabbit, or guineafowl.
  8. Lovage: A herb that is native to Southern Europe.

Continental Foods Beginning With L

Here are some continental foods from parts of Europe spelled with L as their first letter:

  1. Langos: A Hungarian dish of deep-fried flatbread, served with various toppings such as sour cream and grated cheese
  2. Lancashire hotpot: An English dish of meat stew with carrots, potatoes, and onions.
  3. Lasanga: An Italian dish consisting of lasagne baked with meat or vegetables and a cheese sauce.
  4. Limerick ham: Smoked joint of ham over juniper branches which is then steeped in cold water overnight, boiled in cider, and baked at very high heat.
  5. Lincolnshire sausage: A pork sausage native to England.
  6. Linguica: Portuguese pork sausage flavored with onions and garlic
  7. Liver and onions: An English dish of slices of liver (pork or beef) and onions that are fried or cooked together.
  8. Liver pate: A pate and meat spread made from ground pork liver and Lard popular in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Mexican Foods Beginning With L 

These are some Mexican foods from parts of Latin America spelled with the letter L as their first letter:

  1. Lengua: A Mexican dish made from the tongue of a cow or ox seasoned with onions and boiled with other spices.
  2. Lentil soup: A soup made with lentils that may be served vegetarian or with meat.
  3. Longaniza: A sausage made from cured, dried pork, chicken, or turkey.

Oriental Foods Beginning With L

Here are some Oriental foods from different parts of the Asian continent spelled with the letter L as their first letter:

  1. Lamian: A soft wheat flour Chinese noodle served stir-fried or with sauce.
  2. Laska: A South East Asia spicy soup of rice noodles, meat or seafood cooked in creamy, spicy curry coconut milk, or on slightly sour tamarind.
  3. Leche flan: A dish of condensed milk and egg yolks cooked in an oval-shaped tin mold.
  4. Ligao Tang:A Chinese dessert of pear syrup candy made from pear juice, herbs, and honey.
  5. Little pan rice: Rice dishes cooked and served in a flat-bottomed pan.
  6. Lo mein: A Chinese dish of egg noodles, vegetables, and some meat or seafood.

Indian Foods Beginning With L 

Here are some Indian foods from parts of India spelled with the letter L as their first letter:

  1. Laapsi: A West Indian dish of sweet coarse ground/ broken wheat cooked with butter and sugar.
  2. Lai haq maas: Fish Curry with herbs & lemon.
  3. Lauki ki saboji: Curry prepared with Bottle Gourd and other spices.
  4. Litti: Balls of wheat and sattu baked in an oven and served with mashed potatoes.
  5. Litti chokha: Baked salted wheat flour cake filled baked chickpea flour (sattu) and special spices.
  6. Locho: A West Indian snack made from gram flour.
  7. Luchi: Puffed bread, fried in oil, made from flour.

Mediterranean Foods Beginning With L

Here are some Mediterranean foods from countries around the Mediterranean Sea spelled with L as their first letter:

  1. Labneh: Also known as Greek yogurt, a cheese made from salted strained yogurt by draining its whey.
  2. Lok-lok: A Malaysian dish consisting of various steamboat style foods inclusive of meats and vegetables that are served on a skewer

This list contains different foods and recipes spelled with L as their first letter. Let us know any other foods starting with L by leaving a comment.