70+ Foods Beginning With W

Did someone challenge you to list foods that begin with the letter W? In this article, we have compiled a list of Foods Beginning with W.

Table of Contents

Popular Foods Beginning With W

This is a list of popular foods starting with W:

  1. Weiners
  2. Wad
  3. Wisconsin cheese
  4. White
  5. Wheat: A grain used for making different foods.
  6. Waffles: A breakfast dish made with unsweetened cocoa, granulated sugar, vegetable oil, confectioner sugar, peppermint extract, and sweet mini baking chips.
  7. Waffle fries: Fries made with milk, flour, butter, sugar, and vanilla.
  8. Walnut cake: A cake like a normal sponge cake recipe with the addition of coffee, usually either instant coffee or Camp Coffee, and walnut pieces.
  9. Wheat Bran Flakes: A cereal flake made with numerous vitamins and minerals.
  10. Whelks: Various kinds of sea snails prepared with numerous spices.
  11. Worcester sauce: A seasoning made of wheat.
  12. White coconut cake: A cake made with shifted cake flour, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, salt, egg whites, and coconut.
  13. Wheat cake: An eggless cake made with whole wheat flour, sweetened condensed milk, and butter.
  14. Waldorf salad: A fruit and nut salad made of fresh celery, apples, walnut and grapes dressed in mayonnaise.
  15. Weetabix: A cereal brand made with whole-grain wheat.
  16. Watermelon cake: A dessert cake of sweet, refreshing watermelon and frosted with creamy whipped topping.
  17. Whitebait: A dish of tender soft fish with different seasonings.
  18. Wurst sausage: Sausages made with meat products, salt, spices, grains, breadcrumbs, and other flavoring ingredients.
  19. White currant:
  20. White turnip: A vegetable with a mild flavor eaten raw in salads just like radishes and other vegetables.
  21. Wakame: An edible seaweed and a sea vegetable.
  22. Walker’s Worcester sauce-crisp: A crisp made of potatoes, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, and Worcester sauce seasoning.
  23. Wheat flour
  24. Wild rice
  25. Witloof: A vegetable that is seasoned with different spices.
  26. Westphalian ham: A famed delicacy made from a corn fed pig.

Fruits Beginning With W

Here are some fruits that start with W:

  1. Watermelon
  2. Wild jack
  3. White Aspen berry
  4. Whitebark raspberry
  5. Watery rose apple: A fruit that grows from a tropical evergreen plant also know as bell fruit.
  6. Wax apple: Also known as Java Apple
  7. Wong
  8. Wild peach: Flowery specie of peach fruit
  9. Wampee: An edible fruit similar to a grape.
  10. Wineberry: A specie of raspberry.
  11. White fig: Soft laden and chewy figs with small seeds.
  12. White mulberry: An edible berry.
  13. Wild orange: A type of citrus fruit.
  14. Wood-apple: A greenish-brown berry with a sweet or sour taste
  15. Wild strawberry
  16. Whitebark: A small fruit that turns dark purple to nearly black when ripe.
  17. Water chestnuts: An edible nut found in tropical areas.
  18. Winter melon: An edible fussy fruit.
  19. Winter squash: A squash fruit harvested and eaten in winter.
  20. Wolfberry: Also known as Goji, a popular fruit in Asia.
  21. William pear: A grown variety of pear in most countries outside Asia.
  22. Walnut

African Foods Beginning With W

Here is a list of foods from African countries starting with W:

  1. White soup: A Nigerian soup popularly known as ‘ofe nsala’ made with yam cubes, utazi/uziza leaves, and salt.
  2. Wat: An Ethiopian steer curry made with chicken, beef, lamb, varieties of vegetables and spices.
  3. Waterbloommetjiebredie: A south African food cooked with lamb meat stewed together with waterblommetjies flowers

Caribbean Foods Beginning With W

Here are some foods starting with W from the Caribbean part of the world:

  1. Wrap roti: Curry stew folded tightly within a dhal puri or paratha roti with potatoes and any kind of meat.

Welsh Foods Beginning With W

Here is some food from Welsh starting with W:

  1. Welsh rarebit: A savory sauce of melted cheese.

Continental Foods Beginning With W

Here are some foods from Western countries that start with W:

  1. Wiener Schnitzel: A boneless meat thinned with a mallet (escalope-style preparation), and fried with a coating of flour, egg, and breadcrumbs.

Mediterranean Foods Beginning With W

Here are some Mediterranean foods starting with W:

  1. Whiting: A dish of fish made with various spices.

Chocolates Foods Beginning With W

Here are some chocolates and cookies that start with W:

  1. Waffle crisp
  2. White chocolate
  3. Whole wheat chocolate crisp cookies
  4. White chocolate nut cookie
  5. Wagon wheels: A cookie made with wheat flour, chocolate-flavored-coating, sugar, vegetable cocoa mass, dried whey (milk) and emulsifiers
  6. White chocolate brownies: Brownies made with unsalted butter, pure white chocolate, granulated sugar, flour, and salt.

Indian Foods Beginning With W

Here are some foods from India that start with W:

  1. Wheat laddoo: An Indian dish made with whole wheat flour, ghee, and sugar.
  2. White coconut chutney: An Indian dish made with freshly grated coconut, chili, ginger, water, roasted and chana dal.

Asian Foods Beginning With W

Here are some Asian foods from different Asian countries starting with W:

  1. Wasabi: A paste used as pungent condiments for sushi and other foods.
  2. West Java: An Indonesia salad made with long beans, bean sprouts and cucumber with a spicy peanut sauce.
  3. Won tons: Chinese dumpling commonly boiled and served with soups.

 Drinks Foods Beginning With W

These drinks have W has their first letter:

  1. Waikiki Beachcomber: A fruity red cocktail made from vodka, raspberry liqueur, lime juice, and guava juice.
  2. Waldorf Cocktail: A classic drink made with Kentucky bourbon, Pernod absinthe, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters.
  3. Walk in the Park: an orange cocktail made from Patron tequila, Satsuma orange, elderflower liqueur, and basil.
  4. Walters Cocktail: A cocktail made from scotch, lemon juice, and orange juice, and served in a chilled cocktail glass.
  5. Want S’more Cake: A cocktail made from Three Olives S’mores vodka, iced cake vodka, whipped cream, and graham cracker, and served in a shot glass.
  6. Warbine Cooler: A bubbly virgin cocktail made from ginger ale, lime juice, and bitters, and served in a large wine glass.
  7. Ward Eight: A drink recipe made from blended whiskey, lemon juice, grenadine, and sugar.
  8. Warm Blizzard: a smooth pink cocktail made from Mozart White chocolate liqueur, cognac, and fig liqueur.
  9. Warsaw at Night Cocktail: A drink made from berry vodka, blackberry brandy, dry vermouth, and lemon juice.

This list contains different kinds of foods, fruits, drinks, cookies from various parts of the world starting with W. If you know any other foods not on our list, leave us a comment with the foods and their descriptions.